Sis & Sip Podcast Seeking Guest Speakers!

FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Below are my topics for my upcoming podcast, Sis & Sip. Would you tune in (targeting black women, 25 - 45 years)? I AM CURRENTLY SEEKING GUEST SPEAKERS with expertise in: Financial planning, wealth building, mental health/counseling, women's health, and spiritual issues (varying religious understand but primarily well versed in various forms of … Continue reading Sis & Sip Podcast Seeking Guest Speakers!

A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

We were placed here for a purpose, but we have been misled to believe WE are the purpose. Everyone here is for everyone else - WE are ONE. When we separate ourselves from the whole, we begin to operate from our egos which is narcissistic and completely uninterested in anything that doesn't benefit self. We … Continue reading A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

You want peace? Act like it.

Peace and strife cannot dwell in the same house (body). It is impossible. You cannot command peace and engage in drama. You must choose if you desire a life of blessing or a life of curses. Those who bless will be blessed. Those who curse will be cursed. Peace belongs to the blessed, not the … Continue reading You want peace? Act like it.

#StopTheGuiltTrips by #TristaDaniell

The ONLY people who get upset with you for reserving your energy to invest in your goals are those who, more often than not, failed to reserve energy to invest in their own. Envy and insecurity manifest in many forms. Pay attention. You ever wanna know if someone really supports you, listen to what they … Continue reading #StopTheGuiltTrips by #TristaDaniell

This ain’t no damn beauty pageant!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post from the singer/dancer Ciara. Under the post, several people commented on how beautiful she is and many agreed. Then, one person turned the convo by comparing her to Beyonce.... From there, people began to argue sbout which of these beautiful black women was "better" based … Continue reading This ain’t no damn beauty pageant!

Shut THA $%!@*&^ UP, SOMETIMES…GEESH 🙄 #TristaDaniell

We LOVE shutting someone else up (or down) but let someone tell us we need to be quiet and watch the bulk of us react like bratty little toddlers who saw their mom giving another kid attention. Lord forbid!! 🙄 Most of the drama/setbacks in our lives start with someone's mouth; and much too often, … Continue reading Shut THA $%!@*&^ UP, SOMETIMES…GEESH 🙄 #TristaDaniell

I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….

I applaud John Legend for his willingness to speak out. I hope more men follow his lead. It angers me to hear how many men (and older women) around #rkelly had opportunities to (at minimum) report him to authorities and/or get these girls away, warn these parents, etc....and they didn't. A little of my story … Continue reading I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….