Conversations w/Spirit

-Begin Prayer- i desire Somethin' Higher than the things of mortal men i want to dwell in Your Divineness, but I AM burdened, by sin. . . . . -End Prayer- ....and God responded, "OVERCOME" ! @Trista.Daniell (IG) ©tristadaniell

Poetry Challenge, Prompt: Ode to the heart #WTWrites

Winter Tangerine #TristaDaniell responding to #WTWrites Day 1 #Poetry Month Challenge. Prompt: Write an ode to your's mine: Dear Heart, Your love is bitter sweet. With each beat, you bring me life. With each beat, closer to death. Bump bump... Bump bump... it's you, forever with me pushing me forward demanding I LIVE Oh, … Continue reading Poetry Challenge, Prompt: Ode to the heart #WTWrites

Good Morning :)

Good Morning. She whispered beneath covers her head between legs that spread across tussled sheets and feathered duvets. Good Morning, I respond. body heat & wet sheets & french kisses up the nape of my neck.... nail scratching lip biting soul latching chakra healing we make love until orgasms cum.... Oh, what a lovely way … Continue reading Good Morning đŸ™‚

Different Standards.

You out here flawed AF expecting perfection from everybody else. Hypocrite! -Trista Daniell @Trista.Daniell (IG) @EnTheosTR (T)


It doesn't matter how much you have, ...without peace, it's nothing. It doesn't matter how little you have, ...with peace, it's everything. Selah. -Trista Daniell

A Love Story x7

Every day she mourned their Love... She weeped For the demise of what could have been. Love. -Trista Daniell

The Struggle

Life, a perpetual struggle of longing for what you desire, while learning to appreciate what you have. Life. -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @Trista.Daniell (IG)