Undress her slowly.... Savor the moment Tease with the tongue.... Touch her, softly Trail your fingers Caress her body ...let it linger.... Foreplay. -Trista Daniell ©tristadaniell

Whores & Wives XVII

Previously on Whores & Wives: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI “How are you 25 weeks pregnant if you got pregnant at the lock-in that happened four months ago!” I slammed my hand into the steering wheel, slightly swerving the car. “Mom, calm down. You’re … Continue reading Whores & Wives XVII


Fuckboys. Fuckboys! Fuckboys! What do I see? All these fuckboys staring at me. Sliding in my inbox Bullshit on ten Here he go with these dumb ass lines again. Yea....I'm doing fine. No...I don't need new friends. No thanks, I'm married. Naw, we don't "sometimes do men"! Fuckboys! Fuckboys! All around Thirsty as fuck But … Continue reading Fuckboys!

Whores & Wives [VII]

“So, you're saying you...weren't...having an affair with Barnard?” “…I wasn’t.”  "...and your twin sister, whom you don't know, was?" "Yes...I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I can give you here information and everything. You can even check with the hotel. We made such a scene, I know someone saw us."  "...I'll verify your story." I could tell she didn't believe a word I was saying. " the meantime, maybe you can help me clear up something else."  I shifted in my seat and narrowed my eyes. I'd been here long enough and wasn't in the mood to play games.  "Look, whatever you need to know just ask. I have nothing to hide. I told you that." “Have you ever had an affair with Carmen?” “WHAT?" I sat up in my chair, "Why would you ask me that?” "Because I need to know" “You’re avoiding the question, have you…or have you not had an affair with Carmen?” “No.” “No, you’re not having an affair right now…or no you’ve never had an affair?” “We’ve never had an affair.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure," I responded, indignant. "I think I know who I’ve been with.”  I stared her in the eye, attempting to sell my truth. She wasn't buying.  “Well, see…that’s where things get sticky. Maybe your memory has failed you?” She opened the folder on the table, pulled out several papers, and shoved them in my face.

Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

“You’re sleeping with my husband!” It was 9:42 AM on a Wednesday, and my best friend was screaming this most horrible accusation outside of my home. “I can’t believe you! You… dis…loyal… bitch!” She shouted while banging her fists against the heavy oak door. She hit with such force that I swore I felt the … Continue reading Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

The Unexpected Proposition pt X

Read Parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX I got the call about 1:00 AM Sidney and Aunt MeMe were in a bad accident, I needed to get to the hospital right away. We’d last spoke around 11:00 PM, and she confirmed she’d arrive home around 12:30 AM. I waited for her, … Continue reading The Unexpected Proposition pt X

A Love Story x7

Every day she mourned their Love... She weeped For the demise of what could have been. Love. -Trista Daniell

Word Seduction 

Sexy is... when you do that thing that you do with words. Seduce me. Art. -Trista Daniell

Carmen's Dead

By Trista Daniell

You say,  "Give me your heart." But, 
I cannot. How do I know, you won't run away and leave me heartless? Love. -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @Trista.Daniell(IG)


She said, "I love you, unconditionally." Then, she listed all the reasons why she couldn't love me anymore. Love. -Trista Daniell