Throwing Shade for Jesus 🙄 #TristaDaniell

Folk love to use God to throw shade - as if that makes it any less shady. It doesn't. We enjoy making ourselves the saints and everyone around us the sinners. It's never our fault. When things go bad, we immediately look without to find the problem, rarely - if ever - within. Have you … Continue reading Throwing Shade for Jesus 🙄 #TristaDaniell

Dear Single Sis, #TristaDaniell

Dear Single Sis, YOU ARE ENOUGH. We don't judge men by their relationship status, so why is a woman's worth determined this way? I am so tired of seeing ACCOMPLISHED, BRILLIANT women with SO MUCH going for them diminish their greatness all because they don't have a man. Some of you are highly educated, financially … Continue reading Dear Single Sis, #TristaDaniell

Don’t Heal Em’…They Don’t Wanna be Healed! #TristaDaniell

Not every person desires healing. Some prefer to be wounded because wounds create sympathy and sympathy, attention. The addiction to attention in this world is such that some will go the the extreme to ensure attention remains on them - even if that means suffering. For some, the pleasure is in the attention that's showered … Continue reading Don’t Heal Em’…They Don’t Wanna be Healed! #TristaDaniell

#StopTheGuiltTrips by #TristaDaniell

The ONLY people who get upset with you for reserving your energy to invest in your goals are those who, more often than not, failed to reserve energy to invest in their own. Envy and insecurity manifest in many forms. Pay attention. You ever wanna know if someone really supports you, listen to what they … Continue reading #StopTheGuiltTrips by #TristaDaniell

We care…for a moment.

Your highs and lows are just that - yours. People will celebrate with you, for a moment. People will mourn with you, for a second. But, quickly, they'll move on....and they'll hope you do too...(or atleast shut up talking about it). Don't take it personal. Such is life. Most of us don't have the bandwidth … Continue reading We care…for a moment.

Kindness should be…earned?

I've always been a gentle person when it comes to dealing with other people. I know what it's like to feel unwanted, tolerated, and shunned so I make it my duty to treat others as kind as I possibly can because I might be the only kindness they experience that day. These days, people celebrate … Continue reading Kindness should be…earned?


Can I get honest with yall for a minute? I've been that socially awkward girl as long as I can remember. These days, being awkward is like a badge of honor, everyone wants to be different...showcase their quirk...but social anxiety is nothing to showcase. It's a frustratingly isolating experience that you desperately wish to conquer, … Continue reading F*CK “FRIENDS”