Unexpected Proposition pt IV

Read pt I, pt II, pt III. “Scorpios are romantic devils,” I said matter-of-factly, pausing to inhale from the hookah, “if I’d known she was a Scorpio, “we” wouldn’t be a thing.” I continued surfing through Monica's Facebook friends as I talked to my therapist via FaceTime. It’d been five months since my relationship with Sid … Continue reading Unexpected Proposition pt IV

Family Secrets: Daddy Issues #ShortStory #TristaDaniell

“I don’t even really love you! I don’t even really care about you! I don’t even really love you! I don’t even really care about you no more!” Rihanna’s “Woo” rang out from Tabitha’s Samsung Galaxy Note–her mom was calling - again. Denied – again. “I don’t even really love you! I don’t even really care about you! I … Continue reading Family Secrets: Daddy Issues #ShortStory #TristaDaniell