You KICKED me while i was down... ...because you believed i would not [could not] recover. BUT! in the words of my great Grandcestor Maya Angelou, STILL!!!!!!!!! I RISE. -Trista.Daniell


From the beginning, I was CAST OUT! So, I made my home among the OUTCAST. ... HOW are you mad !? ... I found solace in the shadows when you refused to share with me the LIGHT. ... Acceptance. -Trista Daniell @Trista.Daniell (IG)

A Love Story x10

"Let me make love to you", she said. ... 
"Let me, caress 
 the pieces 
of your broken heart,
 and nurture the wounds 
that pierce 
 your soul." Love. -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @Trista.Daniell (IG)