Still LIGHT!

It's amazing how we live in a world that's so connected, yet people are lonelier than ever. Depression and suicide rates are excessive. Yet, a scroll through social media and you'll swear most people are "happy"... Understand, most of us (the bulk of us) are not (truly) happy. We are imitating what we believe happy … Continue reading Still LIGHT!

A Love Story x3

You told me you'd never leave. So... to test the boundaries of your love, I opened the wounds within my soul and poured out the darkness that torments my heart. Then, I laughed as you ran away screaming. Love. -Trista Daniell

Longings. By Trista Daniell 

My tongue speaks the language of the lips between her 
thighs. Erotica.
 -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @ Trista.Daniell (IG)

Love Me, Not (If) #Poetry by #TristaDaniell 

IF... You love me, TRULY  There would be no... IF...

Pleasure by Trista Daniell

Every sip of pleasure requires a gulp of pain. Yet, you remain Intoxicated. You who go willingly to the Sirens in the Night. Indulge… with caution.

Seduction is…

Seduction is…. Thought. Wanting… and Being… Wanted. Knowing it – together. Seduction is… Intelligence. Ambition. Devotion. Loyalty. Seduction is…. Stolen glances that whisper romance. Kisses that linger long after lips have parted. Mouths that speak the right words…at the right moment. Hands that touch the right places…at the right time. Seduction is… Connection Speaking without … Continue reading Seduction is…


Today my son is three years old. White people stop me often to tell me how beautiful and well mannered he is. How smart he is… As if it’s some kind of surprise. He’s adorable and no one shrinks back in fear when he approaches. No one feels threatened when he smiles and looks their … Continue reading Tomorrow…?


Ignite my subconscious with the Flames of Your Knowledge Sear the truth of Your Love in the heart of my soul. Let me, never be ever hearing, but never listening. Pour out your wisdom and entangle my desires with Your greater Will. Remove the scales that I may see And BE That which I AM … Continue reading Consciousness.

BECOME. LOVE. #ShortPoem by #TristaDaniell

Become…. Love knows no boundaries But our boundaries are great We don’t love We lust. We like real hard. We care. We may even obsess. But few truly love…. Because love is taking everything you think you deserve …. And becoming that for someone else. Go beyond the bounds…. BECOME LOVE. -Trista Daniell copyright © … Continue reading BECOME. LOVE. #ShortPoem by #TristaDaniell

Gimme Some [White Privilege].

Hey Man…. gimme some of that white privilege! Some of that…walk down the street without “looking suspicious.” Some of that…less likely to be a statistic. Some of that…American history created with me in mind. Some of that…less likely to get shot by the police, even if I am being irate. Some of that… most of … Continue reading Gimme Some [White Privilege].