Whores & Wives [III]

[Before you begin, please take a moment to read chapters one & two if you have not already. ] “You’d have to understand my mother to understand why I’m not upset by this. I expect these things from her.” “You don’t have to explain yourself, Amya. However, you feel is perfectly fine. I am here … Continue reading Whores & Wives [III]

A Love Story x3

You told me you'd never leave. So... to test the boundaries of your love, I opened the wounds within my soul and poured out the darkness that torments my heart. Then, I laughed as you ran away screaming. Love. -Trista Daniell


She love me at my  worse. So, I devoted  to her my best.  Love.

The Grass On The Other Side #Poetry #ShortPoem #Love #TristaDaniell

She wanted it ALL. But She didn’t realize ALL She already had. So She walked away from every-thing In pursuit of some-thing That turned out to be no-thing. Before she’d realized ALL She’d lost. Now! She spends her days, wanting it ALL Back