Dear Aunt Katie Bell: I dreamt of love….

I dreamt I was at my Aunt Katie Bell's I felt compelled to write about it.... Dear Aunt Katie Bell, I dreamt I was at your house last night. I was running through the house looking for you....I could sense your presence....I could smell your famous super pretty perfectly fried boneless skinless chicken breast … Continue reading Dear Aunt Katie Bell: I dreamt of love….

Whores & Wives [III]

[Before you begin, please take a moment to read chapters one & two if you have not already. ] “You’d have to understand my mother to understand why I’m not upset by this. I expect these things from her.” “You don’t have to explain yourself, Amya. However, you feel is perfectly fine. I am here … Continue reading Whores & Wives [III]

A Love Story x10

"Let me make love to you", she said. ... 
"Let me, caress 
 the pieces 
of your broken heart,
 and nurture the wounds 
that pierce 
 your soul." Love. -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @Trista.Daniell (IG)