Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

#MondayMotivation I spent months making up excuses as to why I couldn't finish certain writing projects. Then I changed my mindset. Now I've released my first book of poetry, another one is in editing, and I'm going through a fifth draft/edit of my first [completed] fictional work. Two weeks ago I was about to throw … Continue reading Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

Published my first book!!

Look y'all, I'm officially an #author now! I did a thang and I'm proud of it! If you've enjoyed my poetry thus far, please click the link in the bio to preorder my book #Therapy Kindle Edition available for preorder now, releases on May 28th - only $4.99! Paperback print copies currently going through approval, … Continue reading Published my first book!!

The Lies We Tell

I try to avoid lying whenever I can. I believe that whole "honesty is the best policy" thing embedded in our heads as children primarily because I got my 🤬 beat for telling "little" lies enough to develop an aversion to lying - or so I thought. Recently in self-reflection, I was mulling about being … Continue reading The Lies We Tell


...and you'll know your wounds are healed when you can look back on your wounded self and feel: not anger, not sadness, not pity or pain; not regret not bitterness not guilt or shame; not brokeness, not hopelessness or any such things... ...and you'll KNOW your wounds are healed when you can look back on … Continue reading Healed.

Still LIGHT!

It's amazing how we live in a world that's so connected, yet people are lonelier than ever. Depression and suicide rates are excessive. Yet, a scroll through social media and you'll swear most people are "happy"... Understand, most of us (the bulk of us) are not (truly) happy. We are imitating what we believe happy … Continue reading Still LIGHT!

You say you want “peace” but…do you?

....everyone wants this thing called "peace" in their lives. Peace is readily available to all who desire this; but to dwell in peace, the individual must begin to do the work to develop peace within. Your internal dictates your external. Peace must be cultivated in your life. You have to choose peace. Each day, each … Continue reading You say you want “peace” but…do you?

If You Died in 24-Hours…#NoRegrets

If you died in the next 24-hours, what would you regret? This came to me the other night as I lay in bed. I experienced a pain in my arm and considered going to the emergency room in case it was heart related. I talked myself out of going, which led to morbid thoughts, “What … Continue reading If You Died in 24-Hours…#NoRegrets