Storytime with #TristaDaniell

Series: SISSSSSSS! 🙂 sis got mad cause I gave a few of my male friends her number. of them called her up and asked her "what dat mouf doooooo?" 😁 ....she said he was being disrespectful. ....and I was wrong for allowing it. she not talking to me.🙄 ....talkin' bout' "Sisters don't … Continue reading Storytime with #TristaDaniell


Fuckboys. Fuckboys! Fuckboys! What do I see? All these fuckboys staring at me. Sliding in my inbox Bullshit on ten Here he go with these dumb ass lines again. Yea....I'm doing fine. No...I don't need new friends. No thanks, I'm married. Naw, we don't "sometimes do men"! Fuckboys! Fuckboys! All around Thirsty as fuck But … Continue reading Fuckboys!