Kindness should be…earned?

I've always been a gentle person when it comes to dealing with other people. I know what it's like to feel unwanted, tolerated, and shunned so I make it my duty to treat others as kind as I possibly can because I might be the only kindness they experience that day. These days, people celebrate … Continue reading Kindness should be…earned?


The Burden of Man

What a great burden it is to LOVE in a world that thrives on hate. We are wounded... mortally so. Death. -Trista Daniell @Trista.Daniell(IG)

νεκρός (nekros)

You are afraid of DEATH, because you do not REALIZE you have already died. WAKE UP! SEE! Why do you slumber in mortality? Why plunder your faith with the limits of "reality"? Why invest much effort to attain immortality then distort the truth with perverted morality? We confess love to God But our hearts scream … Continue reading νεκρός (nekros)

You say you want “peace” but…do you?

....everyone wants this thing called "peace" in their lives. Peace is readily available to all who desire this; but to dwell in peace, the individual must begin to do the work to develop peace within. Your internal dictates your external. Peace must be cultivated in your life. You have to choose peace. Each day, each … Continue reading You say you want “peace” but…do you?


Too blind to hear And too deaf to see Don't read it again You heard me. You take one hardship And turn it into two Then blame the Divine For all the wrong upon you. Humanity. -Trista Daniell

Inconvenient #Love. 

I will demand from every human being, an accounting for the life of their fellow human beings...- YHVH (Genesis 9:5) There are messages in the Bible that need no explanation. This is one of them. You see... YHVH will demand an accounting for the homeless we ignore, because we don't feel like being bothered.  YHVH … Continue reading Inconvenient #Love.