Violent kisses On gentle lips Bare breast Brush naked hips I sip No, Savor She bursts with flavor.... Fingers grip Tongues slip Bodies quiver Legs limp Toe dips Neck bites Nipples delight .... Long kiss goodnight. -A LuStory ×2 by Trista Daniell @Trista.Daniell (IG)

Good Morning :)

Good Morning. She whispered beneath covers her head between legs that spread across tussled sheets and feathered duvets. Good Morning, I respond. body heat & wet sheets & french kisses up the nape of my neck.... nail scratching lip biting soul latching chakra healing we make love until orgasms cum.... Oh, what a lovely way … Continue reading Good Morning 🙂

The Wanting

She wanted her  to open her mouth and say,  "I want you..." She wanted her... to confess her fantasies  and dwell in her desire... She wanted her to want her... as much as she did.  She wanted. ...and wanted. ...and wanted. But, it didn't matter. Because she knew all she'd ever get  was a platonic … Continue reading The Wanting

Longings. By Trista Daniell 

My tongue speaks the language of the lips between her 
thighs. Erotica.
 -Trista Daniell @EnTheosTR (T) @ Trista.Daniell (IG)