Whores & Wives XII

Previously on Whores & Wives: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI "She’s the kind of woman who always covers her tracks. Trust me, she’s cooking up something in retaliation right now, I can feel it. I don’t know what it is, but I know she won’t stop until she makes … Continue reading Whores & Wives XII

Whores & Wives [VII]

“So, you're saying you...weren't...having an affair with Barnard?” “…I wasn’t.”  "...and your twin sister, whom you don't know, was?" "Yes...I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I can give you here information and everything. You can even check with the hotel. We made such a scene, I know someone saw us."  "...I'll verify your story." I could tell she didn't believe a word I was saying. "But...in the meantime, maybe you can help me clear up something else."  I shifted in my seat and narrowed my eyes. I'd been here long enough and wasn't in the mood to play games.  "Look, whatever you need to know just ask. I have nothing to hide. I told you that." “Have you ever had an affair with Carmen?” “WHAT?" I sat up in my chair, "Why would you ask me that?” "Because I need to know" “You’re avoiding the question, have you…or have you not had an affair with Carmen?” “No.” “No, you’re not having an affair right now…or no you’ve never had an affair?” “We’ve never had an affair.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure," I responded, indignant. "I think I know who I’ve been with.”  I stared her in the eye, attempting to sell my truth. She wasn't buying.  “Well, see…that’s where things get sticky. Maybe your memory has failed you?” She opened the folder on the table, pulled out several papers, and shoved them in my face.

Unexpected Proposition pt. II

Read Part I Here. I expected us to lock eyes once I arrived at the hotel. Instead, I was directed upstairs by the concierge. When I arrived at the room a young woman in all white, with a long black ponytail, greeted me at the door. “Welcome, Ms. Roberts. It’s a pleasure to make your … Continue reading Unexpected Proposition pt. II


Subtle energy Pulsating beneath my skin. Nerves at attention Kindling the fire of the kundalini Passion needs no touch Thought Sends vibrations That dance in the midst of your dreams…and daydreams. You think of me when you don’t understand And with your own hands You seduce. My words create desire that torments and passion that … Continue reading Passion

The Attacker I Know – Pt II – Pre-Consciousness By Trista Daniell

Death is hard on the living, but I think it comes to remind us just how fragile life is; and, it urges us to love fiercely and with everything we have. It also serves as a constant reminder that at any moment, our time here can end, and we’d better damn well be prepared to face whatever…Whomever…is on the … Continue reading The Attacker I Know – Pt II – Pre-Consciousness By Trista Daniell

The Attacker I Knew #ShortStory by #TristaDaniell

I thought it was just a bad dream. I didn’t realize it would become a total nightmare. The pain startled me out of my sleep. My face stung from a hard blow and I couldn’t figure out if I was dreaming or awake. WHAP! Backwards I fell onto the floor. Blood spewed as my nose cracked against the … Continue reading The Attacker I Knew #ShortStory by #TristaDaniell

Crowns of Beauty (Black Hair)

Black beauty, why ever would you hate your crown? So much so that you press it down. Kill’n it with chemicals Frying it with hot combs Sewing in their hair so we look more like them Then snapshot the world that “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” WE label it “bad hair” Reinforcing the idea that our one … Continue reading Crowns of Beauty (Black Hair)

BECOME. LOVE. #ShortPoem by #TristaDaniell

Become…. Love knows no boundaries But our boundaries are great We don’t love We lust. We like real hard. We care. We may even obsess. But few truly love…. Because love is taking everything you think you deserve …. And becoming that for someone else. Go beyond the bounds…. BECOME LOVE. -Trista Daniell copyright © … Continue reading BECOME. LOVE. #ShortPoem by #TristaDaniell


Dear cops, Y'all shooting us down like target practice But Y'ALL scared? If y'all scared…. We terrified. …our families get body bags and smear campaigns …while y'all get vacations and financial donations. We get vilified so your homicides are justified. But y'all scared? ….what if we reacted to y'all The way y'all react to us? … Continue reading TERRIFIED


Unexpressed emotions be like…. “It’s like artists painting a “masterpiece!” Unmoved, The artists crumple it up and throw it away. Yet, Someone else saw the creation Picks it up… ….and carefully…. Smooths it out…. frames it proclaims it Others see what the artists could not. “what a masterpiece!” says this one… “How beautiful….” Says two…. … Continue reading Rejection