Fix your eyes for effective prayer!

Note: you cannot be effective in prayer if your focus is on your problem/suffering. Like Christ, you MUST fix your gaze/thoughts upon I AM! Example: a person with debt prays for help with the debt but the mind and emotions are focused on the debt, instead of Gods unlimited provision, faithfulness, is the same … Continue reading Fix your eyes for effective prayer!

Prayer for Today: Psalm 25

Prayer for today - praying the scripture Psalm 25.  Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The troubles of my heart habe multiplied; free me from my anguish. Look upon my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins. For the sake of your name, YHVH, … Continue reading Prayer for Today: Psalm 25

The Burden of Perfection in Faith: Why I decided to look like a hypocrite vs. living as one.

I’m imperfect. Part of my imperfection comes from a “thorn in my flesh” (2 Corinth 12:7) in the form of Bipolar Disorder, which greatly affects my relationship with the Most-High. The other part of my imperfection is the result of being human (Roman 3:23) and growing up with flawed human influences, in flawed churches, run by flawed leaders, who promote legalism and traditions over the true love of God (Mark 7:7-9). That’s why it was so difficult to develop a real relationship. Who wants to develop a relationship with someone they feel is constantly judging and condemning them? Who wants to serve someone under the threat of hell-fire and damnation? Though I talked about God’s love, I didn’t feel loved. I felt unworthy, unable, and ultimately doomed. I knew, deep within, my heart just wasn’t in it.  Instead of freedom, peace, and security, I felt restricted and bound in religion. I lived in a constant state of fear over everything I did or thought that was wrong. I’d agonize if I’d ever make it to heaven. I’m believe in authenticity - good, bad, ugly, or otherwise. I don’t like putting on heirs and presenting myself to be someone I’m not – especially as it’s related to God. I’d been down that road before, twice, and it always left me feeling conflicted and hypocritical. Yet, no one saw through my façade, I was welcomed, accepted, encouraged, even praised (both times); and while I may have been able to fool others, I couldn’t fool my own heart – or God (Jeremiah 17:9-10).

Eddie Long: Learn To Be Silent When We See God At Work. everybody praying for Eddie Long? A few weeks ago y'all was dragging this man through the streets by his nipples....#ChristianValues ...boy I tell ya. We should've been praying when he was on earth instead of dragging and speculating. #EverybodyLoveYouWhenYouDie #EverybodyASaintWhenTheyDie We need to learn to keep our mouths off people when we see God … Continue reading Eddie Long: Learn To Be Silent When We See God At Work. 

#Christian Values…the #church that LOVES to HATE.

So...Let me get this straight (pun intended)  I'm supposed to believe  African Americans  who condemn/shun/hate LGBT people  based on their "Christian values"  do so out of LOVE BUT White American racists  who condemn/shun/hate people based on their "Christian values"  do so from a place of Hate?  Christian Values.  🤔 seems like the gays ain't the … Continue reading #Christian Values…the #church that LOVES to HATE.

Love in the aftermath of #ClubPulse

We must be very careful of stepping into the place of God and rendering our personal prejudices and judgments as God’s own. This is not a time to express your disdain for the LGBT community, it is a time to show your heart for God and express His love towards ALL of His children – … Continue reading Love in the aftermath of #ClubPulse

In the name of #hate. The #church and #LGBT condemnation.

This is long and might upset/bother some folk. If you don’t agree, do so on your own wall, please. I don’t engage in arguments over personal beliefs. I state my opinions as my own, they need no validation: Until you #religious folk start #boycotting things like poverty, human trafficking, homelessness, unjust treatment of marginalized groups, … Continue reading In the name of #hate. The #church and #LGBT condemnation.