Supporting #BlackBusiness [Do Better! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN].

If we (the Black community) understood the value of working together and supporting one another we'd be much further ahead. But nooooo, instead of joining together- we all gotta shine. Instead of investing our money to build a business that can compete everybody gotta have they own hustle. You and 99 of your friends selling … Continue reading Supporting #BlackBusiness [Do Better! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN].

A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

We were placed here for a purpose, but we have been misled to believe WE are the purpose. Everyone here is for everyone else - WE are ONE. When we separate ourselves from the whole, we begin to operate from our egos which is narcissistic and completely uninterested in anything that doesn't benefit self. We … Continue reading A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

A word on healing …

Question of Faith: Ego

Are you seeking God or what you want from God? How often do you set aside time to only give thanks/praise/worship without making new demands of God? What is the focus of your prayers - material gains& personal victories, or spiritual gains & deeper relationship with our Creator? How much time do you devote to … Continue reading Question of Faith: Ego

You want peace? Act like it.

Peace and strife cannot dwell in the same house (body). It is impossible. You cannot command peace and engage in drama. You must choose if you desire a life of blessing or a life of curses. Those who bless will be blessed. Those who curse will be cursed. Peace belongs to the blessed, not the … Continue reading You want peace? Act like it.

Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

#MondayMotivation I spent months making up excuses as to why I couldn't finish certain writing projects. Then I changed my mindset. Now I've released my first book of poetry, another one is in editing, and I'm going through a fifth draft/edit of my first [completed] fictional work. Two weeks ago I was about to throw … Continue reading Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

Published my first book!!

Look y'all, I'm officially an #author now! I did a thang and I'm proud of it! If you've enjoyed my poetry thus far, please click the link in the bio to preorder my book #Therapy Kindle Edition available for preorder now, releases on May 28th - only $4.99! Paperback print copies currently going through approval, … Continue reading Published my first book!!