Dear cops, Y'all shooting us down like target practice But Y'ALL scared? If y'all scared…. We terrified. …our families get body bags and smear campaigns …while y'all get vacations and financial donations. We get vilified so your homicides are justified. But y'all scared? ….what if we reacted to y'all The way y'all react to us? … Continue reading TERRIFIED


Unexpressed emotions be like…. “It’s like artists painting a “masterpiece!” Unmoved, The artists crumple it up and throw it away. Yet, Someone else saw the creation Picks it up… ….and carefully…. Smooths it out…. frames it proclaims it Others see what the artists could not. “what a masterpiece!” says this one… “How beautiful….” Says two…. … Continue reading Rejection

Unexpected Proposition pt IV

Read pt I, pt II, pt III. “Scorpios are romantic devils,” I said matter-of-factly, pausing to inhale from the hookah, “if I’d known she was a Scorpio, “we” wouldn’t be a thing.” I continued surfing through Monica's Facebook friends as I talked to my therapist via FaceTime. It’d been five months since my relationship with Sid … Continue reading Unexpected Proposition pt IV

Tales from the Closet: Adulterous Obsession

“Before you do this…can you at least do me one favor?” Christina’s knees dug into the ground as Lisa pushed her head and screamed again. “I wish I would do you a damn favor….” “You’re making this all about me and I wasn’t the only one involved in this.” “Bit–“ “Lisa, wait.” Kim spoke. “give … Continue reading Tales from the Closet: Adulterous Obsession

Death (Ultimate Rejection) by Trista Daniell #shortpoem

I’m in the awkward position of knowing two families that have failed me. My mother and my father. My father and my mother. Together - created me. Together - cast me away. I found them. ….in love, I ran to them. Visions in my mind prepared me for a triumphant return. “Welcome home dear daughter….” … Continue reading Death (Ultimate Rejection) by Trista Daniell #shortpoem

I gave them my DNA & they gave me a piece of my past.

My Ancestry DNA results arrived in my inbox this morning, and excited doesn't accurately describe how I felt when my eyes landed on the results. Like most African Americans (I say African with an extra umph of confidence now), finding out history is a bit tougher than...say...those whose families were NOT kidnapped from their native … Continue reading I gave them my DNA & they gave me a piece of my past.

I don’t need to be “important” #CareerBlog

I used to want to be "important"..."known"....the "boss"...someone people jumped through hoops for because I was someone "special". Key phrase: "used to".   These past few months, I've taken a serious look at my life and the lives of those I thought I wanted to become. I've worked with numerous "high-profile" people who are hellbent … Continue reading I don’t need to be “important” #CareerBlog

In the name of #hate. The #church and #LGBT condemnation.

This is long and might upset/bother some folk. If you don’t agree, do so on your own wall, please. I don’t engage in arguments over personal beliefs. I state my opinions as my own, they need no validation: Until you #religious folk start #boycotting things like poverty, human trafficking, homelessness, unjust treatment of marginalized groups, … Continue reading In the name of #hate. The #church and #LGBT condemnation.

Gimme Some [White Privilege].

Hey Man…. gimme some of that white privilege! Some of that…walk down the street without “looking suspicious.” Some of that…less likely to be a statistic. Some of that…American history created with me in mind. Some of that…less likely to get shot by the police, even if I am being irate. Some of that… most of … Continue reading Gimme Some [White Privilege].