I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….

I applaud John Legend for his willingness to speak out. I hope more men follow his lead. It angers me to hear how many men (and older women) around #rkelly had opportunities to (at minimum) report him to authorities and/or get these girls away, warn these parents, etc....and they didn't. A little of my story … Continue reading I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….

Breaking point…(suicidal thoughts)

You can choose to let "it" break you or you can refuse to be broken. Easier said than done, I know, but the truth is what it is. Strength is a choice. Endurance is...a choice. Your survival? A choice. Most of us suffer more than we should because we choose pain over healing. Healing is … Continue reading Breaking point…(suicidal thoughts)

Storytime with #TristaDaniell

Series: SISSSSSSS! 🙂 ....so sis got mad cause I gave a few of my male friends her number. ....one of them called her up and asked her "what dat mouf doooooo?" 😁 ....she said he was being disrespectful. ....and I was wrong for allowing it. ....now she not talking to me.🙄 ....talkin' bout' "Sisters don't … Continue reading Storytime with #TristaDaniell

You say you know God’s Love – do you?

So I've asked for prayer to know the love of God without doubt so I can develop faith that moves mountains...well God is answering that prayer through John Eldridge's book, Moving Mountains. Today's chapter asked me what I believed about God...God's provision...God's care for you. Do you believe God is all powerful and near? Or … Continue reading You say you know God’s Love – do you?

Forbidden Fruit

How many times Must you be burned Before you see the flames? And if you insist on playing in fire must God bare the blame? Sin. - Trista Daniell @trista.daniell (IG)


Can you hear me when I scream in the darkness? You cannot. Because you've gone deaf from your own screams. As have I - from mine. Like fools, we scream!!!!! Louder. Straining our voices, Raging our souls! HEAR ME! we yell. SEE ME! we bawl. With hoarse voices. Broken. Weak. Our cries are but a … Continue reading Muted.

Discipline starts EARLY. #Parenting

People love to give children a pass on poor behaviors when they're little....then wanna be all super hard on them when they become teenagers and wonder why they having such a hard time getting a child to listen...IT STARTS YOUNG! Stop spoiling the hell out of these kids, babying them (especially the boys! Ugh!),and giving … Continue reading Discipline starts EARLY. #Parenting

Four things you can do, right now, to help someone with a mental/emotional health issue. By #TristaDaniell

If you want to help someone who has a mental/emotional health issue, one of the best things you can do is L-I-S-T-E-N to them (cause people just really don't listen). The second thing you can do is respect their words/feelings/triggers/boundaries as if they were your own. The third thing you can do is check in … Continue reading Four things you can do, right now, to help someone with a mental/emotional health issue. By #TristaDaniell

Good Morning :)

Good Morning. She whispered beneath covers her head between legs that spread across tussled sheets and feathered duvets. Good Morning, I respond. body heat & wet sheets & french kisses up the nape of my neck.... nail scratching lip biting soul latching chakra healing we make love until orgasms cum.... Oh, what a lovely way … Continue reading Good Morning 🙂

Rape Culture

Me, one. Me, too. Me, three. Me, four. How many times before we call her a whore? So quick to pass judgement to degrade her name rather label her a "slut", than him a rapist.... protect his name! Women & Girls who "get" raped ALWAYS receive blame.... shame.... degradation of character.... and the public's disdain.... … Continue reading Rape Culture