Published my first book!!

Look y'all, I'm officially an #author now! I did a thang and I'm proud of it! If you've enjoyed my poetry thus far, please click the link in the bio to preorder my book #Therapy Kindle Edition available for preorder now, releases on May 28th - only $4.99! Paperback print copies currently going through approval, … Continue reading Published my first book!!

Black [Sheep] & Proud by #TristaDaniell

My entire life has been OBSESSED with "fitting in". I was that #awkwardblackgirl in school. I was NOT popular. I was NOT invited to parties. I had very FEW friends. While I was semi-popular in the church youth group, it was a small church and I knew how to "play the game" to get the … Continue reading Black [Sheep] & Proud by #TristaDaniell

I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….

I applaud John Legend for his willingness to speak out. I hope more men follow his lead. It angers me to hear how many men (and older women) around #rkelly had opportunities to (at minimum) report him to authorities and/or get these girls away, warn these parents, etc....and they didn't. A little of my story … Continue reading I Didn’t Survive #RKelly, but I survived so many like him….

Rant: Misery loves company, but I ain’t the one. #TristaDaniell

If you get into it with people EVERYWHERE YOU GO.....stop blaming them people sweet's you. YOU. YOUUUUU!!! Being mad and combative all the time is immature and ignorant. Get some emotional intelligence/maturity and grow tf up. Some of you adults throw temper tantrums worse than these I tell Zyan, YOUR ATTITUDE (OR TEMPER) … Continue reading Rant: Misery loves company, but I ain’t the one. #TristaDaniell

Moments of Mania w/ #TristaDaniell

People often think of #bipolardisorder in terms of severe mood swings at any given moment đŸ™„ (a false and unfair stereotype that does NOT cover all individuals living with the disorder, particularly those who are not in the midst of an episode and/or who have developed appropriate techniques to deal with triggers ) but.... Sometimes … Continue reading Moments of Mania w/ #TristaDaniell


Can I get honest with yall for a minute? I've been that socially awkward girl as long as I can remember. These days, being awkward is like a badge of honor, everyone wants to be different...showcase their quirk...but social anxiety is nothing to showcase. It's a frustratingly isolating experience that you desperately wish to conquer, … Continue reading F*CK “FRIENDS”

Conversations w/Spirit

-Begin Prayer- i desire Somethin' Higher than the things of mortal men i want to dwell in Your Divineness, but I AM burdened, by sin. . . . . -End Prayer- ....and God responded, "OVERCOME" ! @Trista.Daniell (IG) ©tristadaniell