You KICKED me while i was down... ...because you believed i would not [could not] recover. BUT! in the words of my great Grandcestor Maya Angelou, STILL!!!!!!!!! I RISE. -Trista.Daniell


Undress her slowly.... Savor the moment Tease with the tongue.... Touch her, softly Trail your fingers Caress her body ...let it linger.... Foreplay. -Trista Daniell ©tristadaniell


See me, as I AM. NOT as men told me to be... mold me to be... scold me to be . Woeeee you say, to me. How dare I, be free? For the Law of Love has set me... but what of thee? Condemned by the very Law you use to disdain me. How can … Continue reading Blinded.

We Make Love…

We make love to the sound of cicadas singing at the rising of the morning sun. . 'tis glorious! . When our bodies dance in a Lust-filled trance and.... we exchange parts of ourselves for a few hours of exuberance... astronomical bliss! we make.... Love, in lust. -Trista Daniell @Trista.Daniell (IG)

You say you want to be healed, but….do you? Really?

You say you want to be healed, But everyday you wake up You take a knife to your wounds And cloak yourself in the trauma of your pain. Refusing any alternative. You wail through the streets With blood stained garments Making a scene of your suffering every place you go.... A chorus of complaints arise … Continue reading You say you want to be healed, but….do you? Really?


You are a masterpiece! Divinely flawed! Imperfectly magnificent! Life giving! Soul stirring! Gnosis in flesh! You are! Shade in the Sahara. Warmth in the Arctic. Rain after a year long drought. Your strength is insurmountable. On the brink of death, you bring forth life... You are! The tick that makes the clock tock The axis … Continue reading MASTERPIECE