Do you understand how much I love you? Do you recognize the lengths I go to showcase this love? How I dress it up on a jewel encrusted platter... My heart, the main course Loyalty and peace, your sides. Do you understand how much I love you? Can you recognize the truth in my heart? … Continue reading Obsessed

Rape. A Survivor’s Story.

Do you know what it is to be penetrated without permission? How it feels to have someone invade your space and take a taste of your most intimate place against your wishes? She does. Wishes, Wishes, Oh how she wishes... Wishes she hadn't worn that... Wishes she hadn't said that.... Wishes she hadn't smiled like … Continue reading Rape. A Survivor’s Story.


Fuckboys. Fuckboys! Fuckboys! What do I see? All these fuckboys staring at me. Sliding in my inbox Bullshit on ten Here he go with these dumb ass lines again. Yea....I'm doing fine. No...I don't need new friends. No thanks, I'm married. Naw, we don't "sometimes do men"! Fuckboys! Fuckboys! All around Thirsty as fuck But … Continue reading Fuckboys!


Kiss me in my dreams And fuck up my reality Confess to me your fantasy I might make it come true. Temptation. -Trista Daniell

Forbidden Fruit

How many times Must you be burned Before you see the flames? And if you insist on playing in fire must God bare the blame? Sin. - Trista Daniell @trista.daniell (IG)


Too blind to hear And too deaf to see Don't read it again You heard me. You take one hardship And turn it into two Then blame the Divine For all the wrong upon you. Humanity. -Trista Daniell


Can you hear me when I scream in the darkness? You cannot. Because you've gone deaf from your own screams. As have I - from mine. Like fools, we scream!!!!! Louder. Straining our voices, Raging our souls! HEAR ME! we yell. SEE ME! we bawl. With hoarse voices. Broken. Weak. Our cries are but a … Continue reading Muted.

An Ode to Mothers

Dedicated to my very own, Nolan Robinson-West (love you momma!!) Every year Second Sunday of May We celebrate a thing called “Mother’s Day” Upon which time We give mediocre “thanks” For a mother’s dedication and sacrificial strength. The burden of a mother weighs heavy on her soul. She is tasked with the duty of making … Continue reading An Ode to Mothers

Mood, Anti.

Self care, coping tools, free write session to (try) to clear these misfiring neurons: Title: MOOD, Anti. I'm not in a social kinda mood. I really don't want to be bothered. That includes asking me "what's wrong" You don't really care. You're not going to help. You just wanna be nosey. So don't ask. Aint … Continue reading Mood, Anti.

Poetry Challenge, Prompt: Ode to the heart #WTWrites

Winter Tangerine #TristaDaniell responding to #WTWrites Day 1 #Poetry Month Challenge. Prompt: Write an ode to your heart....here's mine: Dear Heart, Your love is bitter sweet. With each beat, you bring me life. With each beat, closer to death. Bump bump... Bump bump... it's you, forever with me pushing me forward demanding I LIVE Oh, … Continue reading Poetry Challenge, Prompt: Ode to the heart #WTWrites