The Darkness….

People out here suffering y'all. I mean like real live life or death suffering ...and all we worried about is who popping the most.... TF WRONG WITH HUMANS. (Self included). I'm sorry, I'm in my feelings tonight. Too many people I know and love are battling this ugly demon that is depression - alone - … Continue reading The Darkness….

Collaboration Over Competition

Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Apparently.....95%of my timeline now suffers from depression. Meanwhile, about 1% of the 95 have sought help for said depression. Why? Everyone's sharing how everyone needs to check in on they friend and help....but damn, how sway? If everyone depressed, how we supposed to check on each other? Some of these posts that are supposed to … Continue reading Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Dear ya'll......if #God created all, wouldn't that include therapists? Don't get me wrong, I'm a praying woman but I also know God provided us with resources on earth to help us overcome and cope. For a long time I suffered mentally because I didn't know how to cope and praying didn't do anything to ease … Continue reading Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Rape. A Survivor’s Story.

Do you know what it is to be penetrated without permission? How it feels to have someone invade your space and take a taste of your most intimate place against your wishes? She does. Wishes, Wishes, Oh how she wishes... Wishes she hadn't worn that... Wishes she hadn't said that.... Wishes she hadn't smiled like … Continue reading Rape. A Survivor’s Story.

Discipline starts EARLY. #Parenting

People love to give children a pass on poor behaviors when they're little....then wanna be all super hard on them when they become teenagers and wonder why they having such a hard time getting a child to listen...IT STARTS YOUNG! Stop spoiling the hell out of these kids, babying them (especially the boys! Ugh!),and giving … Continue reading Discipline starts EARLY. #Parenting

Shut Up! (Stop begging people to love you)

I have a really bad habit of talking until I'm blue in the face in an effort to give people chances to "fix it"....whatever it is. I don't know why I do this. I find it's counterproductive because as long as I'm talking, it means I still care.... Except, you get to a point where … Continue reading Shut Up! (Stop begging people to love you)

When Heteros Judge….Parade Edition

So this came cross my newsfeed this morning....with its usual negative comments from self righteous heteros 😒: I don't know the poster...but an associate shared this and it appeared in my timeline and of course....I gotta step in and speak my peace (which I did on her post). Sharing here too because others need to … Continue reading When Heteros Judge….Parade Edition


....some of y'all wear y'all insecurities like skin....the sad thing is you cover it up with assholism and pettiness thinking you're fooling everyone into believing you're happy - you're not. Happy people don't go out of their way to downplay someone else. Happy people don't get upset when others celebrate themselves and/or their accomplishments. Happy … Continue reading Insecure….

My Country, Tis of Thee [Side B]

When I was a little girl I learned the American classic, "My Country, 'Tis of Thee'" and I was taught (in the predominantly white schools) to sing it with "pride". I always thought it didn't seem, i fixed it to better reflect my reality as a #BlackAmerican #woman My country*, 'tis of thee, [*rather, … Continue reading My Country, Tis of Thee [Side B]