Whores & Wives [VI]

“Open the door, Barnard.” I demanded, calmly, my eyes on still on the bimbo. “Amya, get away from my car, okay. All of this is your fault anyway. Just get the fuck away from my car!” He yelled and pushed me out the way. Startled by the push, and his comment, I stumbled and hit the ground. Barnard opened the driver’s side door and climbed inside. Pain shot through my arm when I pushed myself up off the ground, but didn’t have time to think about it. “What the hell do you mean this is my fault, Barnard? How do I have anything to do with any of this?” Barnard looked at me as if I were the crazy one. I could tell he was sincerely shocked by my statement, and that puzzled me even more. “You’re really going to act like I don’t know Mya?” He cocked his head to the side and threw me a quizzical look. “So…you’re still going to play this game, huh?” “What game?" I asked, enormously confused. "What are you talking about, Barnard?” “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re really serious right now, huh?” He put his hands on his head in amazement and let out a hysterical laugh. “You bitches been playing me from day one and you want to act like you don’t know?” “Playing you?” I was genuinely confused. “Barnard, why can’t you ever take responsibility for anything you’ve done …why is it always---” I was starting to sound like Derrick Michael when Barnard cut me off, his voice loud enough to wake the neighborhood. “So you really going to stand in my face and act like you’ve not been fucking my wife our entire marriage, Amya?”

Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

Whores & Wives [V]

Previous Installments: I, II, III, IV I pulled into my driveway to find my husband waiting for me on the porch.  He stood, pacing; his cell phone in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. This wasn’t a good sign. When he was extremely pissed, he’d sit outside and sip a cup of … Continue reading Whores & Wives [V]

Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

Whores & Wives [IV]

Previous installments of Whores & Wives: I, II, III “I was supposed to be at the restaurant by 7:45! Why did you let me sleep so long?” “You were tired. You needed the rest.” “But my phone was ringing!” “Your phone. Not my business.” “Ohhhhhh goooooooooddddddd!” I groaned while I slid on my stockings and … Continue reading Whores & Wives [IV]

Whores & Wives [III]

[Before you begin, please take a moment to read chapters one & two if you have not already. ] “You’d have to understand my mother to understand why I’m not upset by this. I expect these things from her.” “You don’t have to explain yourself, Amya. However, you feel is perfectly fine. I am here … Continue reading Whores & Wives [III]

Whores & Wives [II]

Read the first installment here. “I can’t believe we’re sitting out here like idiots. Why can’t we wait in the lobby?” “BECAUSE, this is a boutique hotel; the lobby isn’t big enough that I’m sure we won’t be seen, and the bar is too far to see them come in.” We were staked out in … Continue reading Whores & Wives [II]

Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

“You’re sleeping with my husband!” It was 9:42 AM on a Wednesday, and my best friend was screaming this most horrible accusation outside of my home. “I can’t believe you! You… dis…loyal… bitch!” She shouted while banging her fists against the heavy oak door. She hit with such force that I swore I felt the … Continue reading Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

The Unexpected Proposition pt X

Read Parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX I got the call about 1:00 AM Sidney and Aunt MeMe were in a bad accident, I needed to get to the hospital right away. We’d last spoke around 11:00 PM, and she confirmed she’d arrive home around 12:30 AM. I waited for her, … Continue reading The Unexpected Proposition pt X

A Love Story by Trista Daniell

I asked her,  "How much do you love me?"... She replied,  "I love you, unconditionally." My heart sank. A sigh of sadness escaped my lips. I realized, she was just like the rest - a liar.
 A delusional liar at that! Because, NO MAN (or woman) has mastered  the art of love without  condition. EnTheosTR … Continue reading A Love Story by Trista Daniell

The Unexpected Proposition Pt. IX

I should’ve listened to Sidney. I shouldn’t have come here. I tapped my first pair of ‘Red Bottoms’, courtesy of you-know-who, against the carpet. My eyes surveyed the dimly lit room, different hues of purple linens draped the walls, over-sized arm chairs sat next to small tables in the four corners. A few matching couches … Continue reading The Unexpected Proposition Pt. IX

The Unexpected Proposition Pt VIII

Read Pt I, Pt II, Pt III, Pt IV, Pt V, Pt VI, Pt VII It’d been seven-and-a-half months since I made up with Sidney. Things weren’t going well with her and Monica – at all – and finding out she and Tanya were having sex didn’t make things any better. Speaking of Tanya, I hadn’t … Continue reading The Unexpected Proposition Pt VIII