Are your prayers full of FAITH or fear?

If/when you pray: Be careful of praying under the influence of fear. There is power in confession. I confess, for the bulk of my life I've lived under a cloud of fear. Every single decision I made during that time was made our of fear - fear of lack, fear of being alone, fear of … Continue reading Are your prayers full of FAITH or fear?

Your faith is weaaaaaakkkkk! I SAID WHAT I SAID! #TristaDaniell

When Paul speaks of "the secret" to being "content in any and every situation" he tells us in the next verse that secret is his faith/trust in Christ and I AM (God). "I can do everything through Him Who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13) This is a statement of faith. A declaration of trust. Paul … Continue reading Your faith is weaaaaaakkkkk! I SAID WHAT I SAID! #TristaDaniell

The Reaping….what do you sow?

You will recieve a return wherever you intentionally invest your energy. Stop gossiping about folk then getting mad when they gossip about you - that's your harvest. Stop scheming against others and being surprised when things always seem to turn against you - that's your harvest. Stop lying all the time while having the nerve … Continue reading The Reaping….what do you sow?

You need to forgive…yourself.

Once during self reflection, I was tasked with the question, "Who are you really upset with?" ...after hesitation, I realized the root of the anger was towards myself. The reason is not important, but the outcome was like a healing balm to my soul. I was trapped in anger...that I was directing towards others out … Continue reading You need to forgive…yourself.

The Lies We Tell

I try to avoid lying whenever I can. I believe that whole "honesty is the best policy" thing embedded in our heads as children primarily because I got my 🤬 beat for telling "little" lies enough to develop an aversion to lying - or so I thought. Recently in self-reflection, I was mulling about being … Continue reading The Lies We Tell

Kindness should be…earned?

I've always been a gentle person when it comes to dealing with other people. I know what it's like to feel unwanted, tolerated, and shunned so I make it my duty to treat others as kind as I possibly can because I might be the only kindness they experience that day. These days, people celebrate … Continue reading Kindness should be…earned?

You say you want to be healed, but….do you? Really?

You say you want to be healed, But everyday you wake up You take a knife to your wounds And cloak yourself in the trauma of your pain. Refusing any alternative. You wail through the streets With blood stained garments Making a scene of your suffering every place you go.... A chorus of complaints arise … Continue reading You say you want to be healed, but….do you? Really?

Breaking point…(suicidal thoughts)

You can choose to let "it" break you or you can refuse to be broken. Easier said than done, I know, but the truth is what it is. Strength is a choice. Endurance is...a choice. Your survival? A choice. Most of us suffer more than we should because we choose pain over healing. Healing is … Continue reading Breaking point…(suicidal thoughts)

The Darkness….

People out here suffering y'all. I mean like real live life or death suffering ...and all we worried about is who popping the most.... TF WRONG WITH HUMANS. (Self included). I'm sorry, I'm in my feelings tonight. Too many people I know and love are battling this ugly demon that is depression - alone - … Continue reading The Darkness….

Still LIGHT!

It's amazing how we live in a world that's so connected, yet people are lonelier than ever. Depression and suicide rates are excessive. Yet, a scroll through social media and you'll swear most people are "happy"... Understand, most of us (the bulk of us) are not (truly) happy. We are imitating what we believe happy … Continue reading Still LIGHT!