Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

#MondayMotivation I spent months making up excuses as to why I couldn't finish certain writing projects. Then I changed my mindset. Now I've released my first book of poetry, another one is in editing, and I'm going through a fifth draft/edit of my first [completed] fictional work. Two weeks ago I was about to throw … Continue reading Your Failures are YOURS – OWN THEM. #TristaDaniell

Traumatized: The Suffering.

Your trauma may have changed you, but it doesn't have to own you. It is imperative that humans heal from trauma. Your life depends on it. Other lives depend on it. Past trauma is a reason [many] people turn to things that lead to addiction. In an impatient world, these things provide an immediate [temporary] … Continue reading Traumatized: The Suffering.

The Prison of the Past. #TristaDaniell

Both joy and pain are in the past so why do we cling to the pain and not the joy? Why do we magnify the negative but minimize the positive? Why must we remember the wrongs others have done while forgetting all the right? ... If you make your past your prison your present will … Continue reading The Prison of the Past. #TristaDaniell

Rant: Misery loves company, but I ain’t the one. #TristaDaniell

If you get into it with people EVERYWHERE YOU GO.....stop blaming them people sweet's you. YOU. YOUUUUU!!! Being mad and combative all the time is immature and ignorant. Get some emotional intelligence/maturity and grow tf up. Some of you adults throw temper tantrums worse than these I tell Zyan, YOUR ATTITUDE (OR TEMPER) … Continue reading Rant: Misery loves company, but I ain’t the one. #TristaDaniell

Moments of Mania w/ #TristaDaniell

People often think of #bipolardisorder in terms of severe mood swings at any given moment 🙄 (a false and unfair stereotype that does NOT cover all individuals living with the disorder, particularly those who are not in the midst of an episode and/or who have developed appropriate techniques to deal with triggers ) but.... Sometimes … Continue reading Moments of Mania w/ #TristaDaniell


Can I get honest with yall for a minute? I've been that socially awkward girl as long as I can remember. These days, being awkward is like a badge of honor, everyone wants to be different...showcase their quirk...but social anxiety is nothing to showcase. It's a frustratingly isolating experience that you desperately wish to conquer, … Continue reading F*CK “FRIENDS”

Random thoughts: Coping Skills

Dear humans: Saying "F**K IT" to everything and everyone Carrying around a bad attitude Treating people like crap because you've been hurt Acting like you "don't care" about anything Being Petty Always cursing people out and ready to fight Ignoring people as a way to deal with anger Being mad all the time ...and the … Continue reading Random thoughts: Coping Skills

You say you want “peace” but…do you?

....everyone wants this thing called "peace" in their lives. Peace is readily available to all who desire this; but to dwell in peace, the individual must begin to do the work to develop peace within. Your internal dictates your external. Peace must be cultivated in your life. You have to choose peace. Each day, each … Continue reading You say you want “peace” but…do you?

Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Apparently.....95%of my timeline now suffers from depression. Meanwhile, about 1% of the 95 have sought help for said depression. Why? Everyone's sharing how everyone needs to check in on they friend and help....but damn, how sway? If everyone depressed, how we supposed to check on each other? Some of these posts that are supposed to … Continue reading Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Dear ya'll......if #God created all, wouldn't that include therapists? Don't get me wrong, I'm a praying woman but I also know God provided us with resources on earth to help us overcome and cope. For a long time I suffered mentally because I didn't know how to cope and praying didn't do anything to ease … Continue reading Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.