You say you want “peace” but…do you?

....everyone wants this thing called "peace" in their lives. Peace is readily available to all who desire this; but to dwell in peace, the individual must begin to do the work to develop peace within. Your internal dictates your external. Peace must be cultivated in your life. You have to choose peace. Each day, each … Continue reading You say you want “peace” but…do you?

Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Apparently.....95%of my timeline now suffers from depression. Meanwhile, about 1% of the 95 have sought help for said depression. Why? Everyone's sharing how everyone needs to check in on they friend and help....but damn, how sway? If everyone depressed, how we supposed to check on each other? Some of these posts that are supposed to … Continue reading Check-in. What next? Dealing with Depression and the idea of Suicide.

Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Dear ya'll......if #God created all, wouldn't that include therapists? Don't get me wrong, I'm a praying woman but I also know God provided us with resources on earth to help us overcome and cope. For a long time I suffered mentally because I didn't know how to cope and praying didn't do anything to ease … Continue reading Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Mood, Anti.

Self care, coping tools, free write session to (try) to clear these misfiring neurons: Title: MOOD, Anti. I'm not in a social kinda mood. I really don't want to be bothered. That includes asking me "what's wrong" You don't really care. You're not going to help. You just wanna be nosey. So don't ask. Aint … Continue reading Mood, Anti.


Listen. The problem with most people is you're projecting your problems onto others. Everything is everyone else's fault, nothing is ever your own. Understand, if your life is the sum of everyone else's mistakes, so is your future. To take control of your life you must face yourself and get honest about your bullshit. You … Continue reading IT’S YOUR LIFE. TAKE CONTROL.

Four things you can do, right now, to help someone with a mental/emotional health issue. By #TristaDaniell

If you want to help someone who has a mental/emotional health issue, one of the best things you can do is L-I-S-T-E-N to them (cause people just really don't listen). The second thing you can do is respect their words/feelings/triggers/boundaries as if they were your own. The third thing you can do is check in … Continue reading Four things you can do, right now, to help someone with a mental/emotional health issue. By #TristaDaniell

Peace. [Envy]

Sometimes, people envy your peace... not! your possessions. Protect It. -Trista Daniell Black. Brilliant. & Bipolar.

Bipolar Musings….10.20.17

Having bipolar disorder is like sharing a body with your worst hater. One minute it's telling you you can rule the world and you're friggin amazeballs..... the next it's taunting really thought you could do that huh? Girl, ain't nobody checkin for your words like that.... *sideeyes hating personality in mirror* Totally my own … Continue reading Bipolar Musings….10.20.17

When life offers you lemons…

There's a lot to smile about in this world. Find it. Relish it. Don't let anybody take it away. The world is angry and wants you to be angry along with it....even though you might have all the reason in the world....don't. It's easy to be what everyone else a … Continue reading When life offers you lemons…

Dear Non #Bipolar People

Dear non-bipolar people:  1. Joking about bipolar disorder is not ok. You wouldn't find it funny if someone joked about something you battle with daily.  2. Just because you have mood swings doesn't mean you have bipolar disorder. Stop minimizing a serious issue...bipolar is WAY MORE than a damn mood swing.  3. STOP claiming bipolar … Continue reading Dear Non #Bipolar People