Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

“You’re sleeping with my husband!” It was 9:42 AM on a Wednesday, and my best friend was screaming this most horrible accusation outside of my home. “I can’t believe you! You… dis…loyal… bitch!” She shouted while banging her fists against the heavy oak door. She hit with such force that I swore I felt the … Continue reading Whores & Wives by Trista Daniell

I Am. God[ess]. by #TristaDaniell

They said they had not enjoyed the privilege of seeing God[ess] in flesh. So, I snapped a selfie and said, "Here! I AM." -God @Trista.Daniell [IG] http://www.TristaDaniell.com

Peace. [Envy]

Sometimes, people envy your peace... not! your possessions. Protect It. -Trista Daniell Black. Brilliant. & Bipolar.


Begin Sermon. If there were No fear of hell Nor the reward of heaven Would you Still Choose ... God ? End Sermon. -Trista Daniell

Shut Up! (Stop begging people to love you)

I have a really bad habit of talking until I'm blue in the face in an effort to give people chances to "fix it"....whatever it is. I don't know why I do this. I find it's counterproductive because as long as I'm talking, it means I still care.... Except, you get to a point where … Continue reading Shut Up! (Stop begging people to love you)

Speak It. Pray On It. Trust.

A few years ago I posted I wanted to work 5 hours a day and make full time pay. Today, I work @4 - 5 hours a day and make full time pay. This is not to brag......this is to encourage. Speak it. Pray on it. Do things that move you towards the goal. Speak … Continue reading Speak It. Pray On It. Trust.

Whores & Wives [X]

Previously on Whores & Wives: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX It’d been a week since the funeral and I still hadn’t returned to work. Instead, I saw the girls off to school, Derrick Michael off to work, and I climbed back in bed with the goal of remaining undisturbed. Except my … Continue reading Whores & Wives [X]

Whores & Wives [IX]

Previously on Whores & Wives: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII This installment features characters from my other series, The Unexpected Proposition. Tune in to that story, here. It was eerily beautiful the morning of Carmen’s funeral. Everything went perfect, as if Carmen had a hand in directing it all. Barnard was cordial enough … Continue reading Whores & Wives [IX]

Good Morning :)

Good Morning. She whispered beneath covers her head between legs that spread across tussled sheets and feathered duvets. Good Morning, I respond. body heat & wet sheets & french kisses up the nape of my neck.... nail scratching lip biting soul latching chakra healing we make love until orgasms cum.... Oh, what a lovely way … Continue reading Good Morning 🙂

Whores & Wive Trista Daniell

Whores & Wives [VIII]

Previously on Whores & Wives: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII I hired childhood friend and sorority sister, Lisa Turner, as my attorney. She was one of the best in the business and I knew I could trust her with my secrets, attorney or not. We’d met for drinks earlier in the day and … Continue reading Whores & Wives [VIII]

Alarm Clock (Wake Up) #Women

Wake Up! Wake Up! Sisters, please! Open your eyes! Wipe away the slumber Peel back the scab of lies! We. Are. Deceived! They tarnish our divinity, hide our history, and condition our minds to frailty by proclaiming us the "weaker sex". Do you not know? Have you not heard? YOU are goddess YOU are lifegiver … Continue reading Alarm Clock (Wake Up) #Women