Who is Trista Daniell?

“Of all the writing I enjoy, writing about myself is the least favorite…unless I’m writing myself into a character, that’s always fun.” – Trista Daniell

Trista Daniell was born April Fool’s Day of 1983 in the small town of Oakdale, Louisiana. Adopted at an early age, she grew up in Houston, TX where she spent most of her time immersed in books. She discovered her gift with words when she won a poetry competition in the fourth grade and was subsequently published in a community newspaper.

In her teens, Trista wrote a number of skits for her church’s youth theater team that were performed around the city. In the eleventh grade, she completed her first stage play which was also performed at her theater teacher’s home church in Tennessee.

Feeling restricted by religion, Trista used writing as an escape and began writing lesbian erotica under the alias, Pen Name Aries. While semi-popular, she felt this was a waste of her talent and took a hiatus from writing to focus on a “real job”.

In 2014, Trista began work as a copywriter with a Washington, D.C. advertising firm where she worked on the 2014 mid-term elections and social media campaigns for national non-profits. This experience reignited her passion for the art and she decided to focus her professional goals on creative writing.

Her portfolio includes spiritual devotionals, fiery opinion pieces, social commentary, and fictional stories that deal with taboo topics in love and life. She currently resides in Texas with her spouse, Shayna, and son, Zyan where she is eagerly working to become an accomplished screenwriter, novelist, poet and columnist.