When “Normal” is Wounded: Recognizing When Your Trauma is Controlling Your Life. #TristaDaniell

For a long time, I had no idea I was suffering mentally/emotionally. I saw nothing in my personality that made me any different than the people I encountered every day. I assumed irritation and anger were normal parts of dealing with life. Having days and weeks where you felt down in the dumps was also another symptom of “life’s strain” – atleast that’s what I was told. Truth is, I was trapped in an internal cycle of suffering because I thought [based on what I saw of others] this behavior was “normal”.

Dealing with trauma

Your trauma is NOT your identity!

Internal suffering can appear “normal” when everyone around you is suffering without help. Below are symptoms

Regularly feeling anger/irritation/having a short fuse

• Regularly feeling anxious and/or afraid

• Poor concentration, inability to complete task

• Recurring memories of a traumatic experience

• Poor concentration skills, inability to focus, confusion

• Recurring negative thoughts about yourself, others, or the world

• Inability to sleep and/or nightmares

• Regular feelings of sadness, hopelessness and/or lack of satisfaction from things that used to satisfy you

• Suffering lasting guilt and shame

• Feelings of disconnect from others and/or numb

• Loss of interest in hobbies, activities, social life

• Social isolation – not leaving home, not talking to people, not interested in building relationships

• Increase in poor food choices (often with weight gain) or loss of appetite/refusal to eat (often with weight loss)

• Panic attacks

• Ongoing fatigue

• Muscle tension, recurring headaches, digestive issues, skin rashes, racing heartbeat, etc.- the physical symptoms of untreated stress/trauma are endless.

….and more – this list is not exhaustive. If you recognize yourself dealing with several of the above listed symptoms over a period of weeks, seek help. Your pain doesn’t have to be your story, nor your trauma your identity. Don’t let fear and ego keep you from the freedom that comes in seeing yourself healed.


For more on trauma please review the links below (I am not affiliated with or paid to promote any of the links below):

If you are experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others, including suicidal thoughts – please contact: 1-800-273-8255 or click here to chat now.

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