YO PAIN? YO PROBLEM! #TristaDaniell

So many folk walking around thinking the pain hasn’t changed them. Believing it doesn’t influence current relationships, behaviors, habits, beliefs – ALL OF IT. There isn’t a thing in your life your trauma has not touched. It molds you, it shapes you, it changes you and that change can be for the worst – IF YOU ALLOW IT.

Question for self reflection
Personal Reflection, answer these questions on your own. Write the answers in your prayer/devotion journal. Revisit as you work through your pain.

The most unstable persons are those who believe themselves to not be affected by the pain of their past. Even worse – those who know they are wounded but refuse to see themselves healed.

Stop hurting people with your pain.
How is your pain influencing your life?

We all have wounds.

We all have trauma.

We all have pain.

Your pain doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t make you more worthy. It doesn’t make you unique. Your pain does NOT give you an excuse to treat others poorly and/or unkind. It is not a pass to inflict pain unto others. Face your fears and [do the work to] heal yourself [seek professional and spiritual help as needed]. STOP allowing your pain to rule your personality [and destroy your relationships].


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