Throwing Shade for Jesus 🙄 #TristaDaniell

Folk love to use God to throw shade – as if that makes it any less shady. It doesn’t.

We enjoy making ourselves the saints and everyone around us the sinners. It’s never our fault. When things go bad, we immediately look without to find the problem, rarely – if ever – within.

Have you ever considered:

Maybe God didn’t “cut them off” because they can’t go into a new season with you – ever thought YOU got removed because YOU are not ready to go into a season with them?

Maybe God doesn’t want you to cut off and remove yourself from a relationship every time you have a conflict – maybe God is trying to teach you how to handle conflict with godliness in love and compassion, seasoned with salt and grace.

Maybe you can’t find a mate not because all men/women are trash, but because YOU still have work to do within to prepare you for the mate God has. Or maybe you’re being called to a season (or lifetime) of singleness – marriage and family are not the markers of a successful life.

Maybe THEY are sinful AF and maybe, just maybe…SO. ARE. YOU.

You can cloak it in the name of God all you want, but shade is shade and we know what you’re doing. Check your ego. God humbles the proud and exalts the humble.

Be humble. Sit down.


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