Supporting #BlackBusiness [Do Better! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN].

If we (the Black community) understood the value of working together and supporting one another we’d be much further ahead.

But nooooo, instead of joining together- we all gotta shine. Instead of investing our money to build a business that can compete everybody gotta have they own hustle.

You and 99 of your friends selling the EXACT. SAME. PRODUCT. Why not pool your money and customer base and maximize your business?

And stop telling folk sharing and liking a post is “supporting” someone’s business- NO IT’S NOT. IT’S SHARING AND LIKING A POST. SUPPORTING A BUSINESS means spending money with them. Liking and sharing posts are nice but the whole point of a business is to make money and UNLESS you are an influence with a large audience that matches the business’s target audience- you sharing and liking a post for a small biz owner does very little to move their business forward.

They can’t pay bills from a like and share.
They can’t keep their business running from a like and share.
The point of a business is to make a profit.
So if you truly want to SUPPORT a small business – BUY SOMETHING AND LIKE, SHARE, REVIEW, SPREAD THE WORD.

Stop finding ways to ACT LIKE you support and ACTUALLY SUPPORT.

BLACK PARENTS TOO – because some of y’all crush your kids dreams or refuse to support them out of spite, sometimes envy. You see your child building a small business or going after they dreams and you don’t support, don’t acknowledge, don’t tell “ya lil friends” or none of that…..WHAT?!?! Mannnnnn when Zyan start his first biz IMMA BE THE LOUDEST CONSUMER AND THE BIGGEST ADVOCATE FOR MY CHILD’S SUCCESS – AS A PARENT SHOULD BE. Some of you parents are PETTY. I SAID WHAT I SAID. IF IT HIT YOU, IT’S PROBABLY FOR YOU.

Meanwhile, when I speak to my non-black colleagues about how they build business ALL I HEAR is

“…yea me and a group of friends pooled our money”
“…I told all my friends and they bought two and three which gave me the money I needed to fund”
“….my family members invested in the business when I was starting out…”
“…me and three of my friends got together and came up with an idea and worked it for several years, then we flipped the company and invested in our own business”
“….oh me and my buddies went into real estate together, then flipped that money to start a business”
“…..yea all my friends bought my product and they got some for their friends too and helped spread the word…I couldn’t have done it without them.”

I even had a guy tell me how he and his best friend has COMPETING IDEAS so they came up with a plan to start out TOGETHER and once they built the company, they split it and became competitors- but get this, THEY STILL FRIENDS (eventually one sold his company and went into another field, but they never let the business break them).

Why we can’t do that? Mayne ion want no mediocre “success” i ain’t settling either. I can’t be mediocre and open homes for abandoned LGBT children like I want. Can’t. Imma find my tribe dammit. Imma find them and we gone win – TOGETHER.

#SpeakIt #ClaimIt #IAm #SoItIs

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