A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

We were placed here for a purpose, but we have been misled to believe WE are the purpose. Everyone here is for everyone else – WE are ONE. When we separate ourselves from the whole, we begin to operate from our egos which is narcissistic and completely uninterested in anything that doesn’t benefit self.

We then elevate our desires above the good of the whole – even above God. We become our own idols. In this, we cultivate a spirit that is nothing like Christ – Who GAVE UP His life for those He loves.

No, when we operate in ego we are acting in the image of The Accuser, Lucifer – the one who first SEPARATED himself from God that he might be elevated (fulfill his own egotistical desires).

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Selah.

-Trista Daniell

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