Reflections for #Healing #TristaDaniell

I’m beginning to accept my purpose in this world. No matter how much I try to move away from it, I always find myself back here….desiring to teach, help, inspire healing. So, here I AM. I figure if I honor my purpose, then maybe all the other stuff I want to do will come along with it (i.e. SEEK YE FIRST..and all these things will be added. So shall it be.)

Healing – something I’ve had to do a lot of. Not a trained doctor, but definitely well versed in spiritual things and inner healing, thanks to much study, education, and most of all [work of the Spirit] within me that prompts me to do the work. It all starts with questions – questions that, when answered truthfully, can identify roots that have turned into strongholds in your life. Once you recognize the root, you can effectively tend to the issue and experience healing.

A major part of inner healing is HONESTY. You must be honest with others – and yourself – if you expect to gain healing within. The first slide/page – whatever you wanna call it- deals with that as a reminder. The second [swipe] are actual questions for you to complete on your own. Answer honestly, if you’re not able to be honest, bookmark this for a time in the future when you’re ready to get real with yourself [and do not beat yourself up for this, the fact that you were honest about not being honest is a step in the right direction.]

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