Published my first book!!

Look y’all, I’m officially an #author now! I did a thang and I’m proud of it! If you’ve enjoyed my poetry thus far, please click the link in the bio to preorder my book #Therapy Kindle Edition available for preorder now, releases on May 28th – only $4.99! Paperback print copies currently going through approval, once printed these will be available for $9.99 (if you wait and purchase the print copy, you can get the e-book for only $1.99!) I’m a #blackauthor y’all! Shout out to my bro Sean for inspiring me with his poetry book #Leviathan and my writing group for helping me recognize I had a book all along, I just needed to organize the poems. SUPPORT BLACK AUTHORS! Y’ALL ORDER A COPY OF MY BOOK (or wait for the paperback, THEN order lol).

Order your copy of Therapy…an introduction. TODAY!

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