A Question of Faith #TristaDaniell

When we hold on to expectations that I AM will work things out one way or another we limit our faith/trust to THIS or THAT.

There’s nothing wrong with being particular in your prayers, but be careful of limiting your options to A or B. Our God is a wonderous, mighty God Who answers prayers in a variety of ways – many of which we fail to see because it doesn’t look like what we want.

Resolve to follow the teachings of Christ in praying I AM’s Will be done and not your own. This requires releasing your expectations/desires/will with a willingness to “go with the flow [will]” of the Creator. Now, if you’re a proactive person like me, this can instigate an anxiety creating amount of fear. This fear is a sign that your [my] love and trust for I AM have [has] not yet reached it’s full maturity. Recognizing this fear allows you to address the issue and seek help from the Creator that will empower you to overcome.

The one who knows the Love of I AM intimately has no fear because the perfecting love of I AM makes one fearless. This love, once completely comprehended, leaves a person feeling so secure that the individual is able to surrender his or her expectations and pray the will of I AM only and always. The individual can do this because they trust/believe that I AM will not forsake. They cannot be shaken, because their faith is not in things that can be shaken (created things, people, materials, self) but in that which cannot be shaken (I AM, The Creator, Most Holy).

This doesn’t mean one doesn’t have desires or their own goals, what it means is that person trusts I AM to bless them with the desires of their heart as they follow The Way of Christ in being about the Kingdom Business [of loving others as yourself, caring for the oppressed, the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, those imprisoned, pursuing justice for all].

All who are commended for great, genuine faith have one thing in common – they are secure in I AM’s love for them. Great faith is a byproduct of being sure of/in the love of I AM.

Faith isn’t about believing I AM to accomplish our wills in this world. FAITH is about trusting I AM to accomplish the the Will of I AM in this world and the world to come.

…and that Will is greater than our petty desires and self-fulfilling egotistical goals. God’s will is that ALL [hu]man[s] know God intimately; and, that we each receive the wonderous, life altering, generational curse breaking, healing balm of LOVE that comes from the Great God of All – I AM THAT I AM.

Whose will are you praying?


-Trista Daniell

@Trista.Daniell (IG)


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