Don’t Heal Em’…They Don’t Wanna be Healed! #TristaDaniell

Not every person desires healing. Some prefer to be wounded because wounds create sympathy and sympathy, attention. The addiction to attention in this world is such that some will go the the extreme to ensure attention remains on them – even if that means suffering. For some, the pleasure is in the attention that’s showered because of the pain.

As insane as it may seem, there are humans who are stuck in a cycle of suffering because they perpetuate the cycle. Any sign of light breaking into the darkness or an ease in the storm is met with pessimism.

God heals, but they find a new ailment to lament; God blesses, but they find a new problem about which to complain; God gives peace, but they disrupt it by creating/engaging in turmoil when they could have chosen peace.

There is nothing you can do for this person, except pray.

Healing is personal. Healing is intimate. To be healed, one must desire and work through the pain and emotional trauma of healing.

If you meet a person who always finds something to “woe is me” about encourage them, but do not try to “save” them. Do not try to force healing on them, and do not think you can do the healing for them – you cannot. None can heal a person [spiritually] without a person’s consent.


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