#StopTheGuiltTrips by #TristaDaniell

The ONLY people who get upset with you for reserving your energy to invest in your goals are those who, more often than not, failed to reserve energy to invest in their own.

Envy and insecurity manifest in many forms. Pay attention.

You ever wanna know if someone really supports you, listen to what they say when you’re not around. Trust me, it ALWAYS gets back, because people who sit around and slander folk/listen to other folk slander folk -be it by arrogance, ignorance, pettiness, messiness, anger, retaliation or the likes- gone always, (ALWAYS!) carry the bone. ALWAYS. Periodt.

Know better. Grow better. Show better.

Stop allowing people to use terms like “Love” and “Friendship” and “Family” to guilt you into sacrificing your dreams/goals/aspirations to accommodate someone else’s [dreams/goals/aspirations] OR lack thereof.

Friends and Family who truly LOVE you will support you in your [positive] aspirations & do all they can to see you succeed – not serve as a hindrance, a source of discouragement, or attempt to make you feel guilty/selfish/inconsiderate or otherwise for investing in YOU.

Hoe ego-led is that in the first place? Someone getting mad at YOU for focusing on/investing in YOU because it stops YOU from focusing on/investing in THEM. Madness.

#StopTheGuiltTrips #TristaDaniell

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