This Post is Gay: You know you wanna read it. 😏

I’ve seen waaaaay too much LGBT hate on my timeline and I am not for it. I stepped back from talking about LGBT issues, the Black community, and the church (specifically, predominantly Black churches), but maybe I need to start speaking again. Cause what y’all WON’T do is tell people like me we not welcome, not worthy, abominable, or otherwise.

Nope. 😐

To my fellow LGBT individuals, stop allowing folk to merely “tolerate” you and go where you are FULLY loved – not loved under the guise of hoping you’ll one day change and conform to their ideals, but I MEAN TRULY LOVED.

What does it look like being truly loved?

It looks like a person who recognizes your LGBT status is NOT the totality of your identity.

It looks like a person who doesn’t constantly remind you that they are uncomfortable with who you are.

It looks like a person who doesn’t have to reassure you their love is genuine despite your orientation.

It looks like a person who recognizes the WHOLE of your family, not those who call your spouse of several years “ya lil friend”.

It looks like a person recognizing their beliefs are just that – THEIRS, and who are humble enough to allow you to believe as you do – even if it conflicts with their beliefs.

It looks like a person following The Way of the Good Samaritan who was more concerned with loving his neighbor despite the prohibitions and prejudice of the day.

You won’t find a black person maintaining relationships with staunch supporters/members of the KKK (unless they got some self hate going on)…so DO NOT let folk guilt you into believing you have to put up with folk who are clearly not here for YOU unless you change.

And those non-gay folk who have so much to say about my community:

I know some of you like to think we all made a “choice” to be “this way” but contrary to what people who are NOT GAY want you to believe, WE (actual gay folk) don’t just wake up one day and decide to piss the bulk of our family and friends off by “going gay”. Maybe instead of assuming based on regurgitated information cooked up by people who know nothing about our community or what we endure you can try talking to an LGBT person without allowing their orientation or gender identity get in the way of SEEING the HUMAN BEING.

You’d be surprised to find we have much more in common than not. You can totally love someone without constantly reminding them you have a problem with a part of who they are. If it is THAT MUCH of an issue, respectfully remove yourself until you can say “I love you” without the “but….” lingering in the air….

I said what I said.

Oh and p.s. NOOOOOOOOO this is not a personal post because someone in my life said or did something to upset me, I ignore stuff like that in my personal life as I recognize there will always be an accuser and I recognize I do not need the validation of other human beings to feel secure in my faith. I know who I AM in I AM.

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