Shut THA $%!@*&^ UP, SOMETIMES…GEESH πŸ™„ #TristaDaniell

We LOVE shutting someone else up (or down) but let someone tell us we need to be quiet and watch the bulk of us react like bratty little toddlers who saw their mom giving another kid attention. Lord forbid!! πŸ™„ Most of the drama/setbacks in our lives start with someone’s mouth; and much too often, it’s our own mouths that cause us the most distress.

We talk waaaaaaaayyyy too much about frivolous things that do nothing to advance our personal, spiritual, or professional development. We waste time with gossip and arguments, throwing “shade” and going “awf” as if it does something to enhance our lives. Except, it doesn’t (unless you’re a reality TV star & even then, that πŸ’© gets old). And what does it get us? Friends, family who hate to see us coming (or calling). Co-workers, associates who are thankful when we’re not around. Don’t be that person.

When we allow our mouths to become weapons that slander, slay, judge, condemn, curse, scheme, lie, etc. we condemn ourselves by planting seeds of discord that we [eventually] harvest to our detriment – don’t like what you reap? Change what you sow.

Our mouth is a gift. The ability to communicate is a gift. We were blessed with this ability that we might encourage, uplift, edify, and support. If/when critique is given, it should always be done in love and complete humility – with genuine concern and a sincere desire to help.

Now, let’s get real for a moment – the bulk of us don’t give a damn about helping when we open our mouths to judge (talking/gossiping about someone else negatively IS an act of judgement); we ONLY do so TO MAKE OURSELVES LOOK OR FEEL BETTER (don’t worry you don’thave to admit it out loud)!

This is where we fail.

The most tragic thing about turning our mouths into a weapon is this: The most severe wound we inflict is to ourselves.

Not to mention, once it’s out you can’t control where the information goes, how it’s delivered, or how it’s distorted in transmission. Eventually your words WILL catch up with you; if you’re not careful they’ll also take you down.

It is written, “no man can tame the tongue”… I believe this to be true. Still, we are commanded to try; and [I believe] if we cannot commit to [at least] trying, then [at best] let us commit to learning how to shut “the hell” up for the sake of peace. I promise, your life [and the peace you gain] will thank you.

It’s amazing what you can hear/learn/see when you stop being afraid of the silence. Try it. –


-Trista Daniell

@Trista.Daniell (IG)

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