The Reaping….what do you sow?

You will recieve a return wherever you intentionally invest your energy.

Stop gossiping about folk then getting mad when they gossip about you – that’s your harvest.

Stop scheming against others and being surprised when things always seem to turn against you – that’s your harvest.

Stop lying all the time while having the nerve to be upset about people lying to you – THAT’S YOUR HARVEST!!

You can’t sow shit and expect a rainbow. If you sow shit you’ll reap a shitstorm. It’s as simple as that.

Peace must be cultivated, and we cannot cultivate peace if we’re constantly engaging in anti-peaceful behaviors (anti-peaceful behaviors include: gossip, lying, badmouthing people (especially behind their backs), jealousy, starting, engaging in, or keeping up “drama”, engaging in violent/abusive behaviors, oppressing others, taking advantage of others, etc.).

We need not cry to God for that which has already been provided. What we need is to take accountability for our behaviors/choices that cause the disruption in the first place. Then we need to actively work to change those behaviors and replace them with actions that help maintain/restore peace.

We all say we want “peace” but as soon as chaos knocks at the door we’re running to let it in.

STOP ANSWERING! I promise, it won’t break in.

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