Rant: Misery loves company, but I ain’t the one. #TristaDaniell

If you get into it with people EVERYWHERE YOU GO…..stop blaming them people sweet baby….it’s you. YOU. YOUUUUU!!!

Being mad and combative all the time is immature and ignorant. Get some emotional intelligence/maturity and grow tf up.

Some of you adults throw temper tantrums worse than these kids….like I tell Zyan, YOUR ATTITUDE (OR TEMPER) IS YERN….AIN’T NOOOOOOOBODY GOTTA DEAL WITH IT BUT YOU.

Keep being difficult with everyone cause you think running your mouth and throwing around your attitude makes you big 💩

It’s trifling and childish. And people will eventually leave you and your ugly ahh temperament ALONE.

….and people say that “ion care, ion need nobody” in public…but I can’t tell you how many of those “super tough, super mouthy, overly opinionated, always-got-something-to-say, swear they don’t like or need nobody types have cried about being lonely….misunderstood…or otherwise on my shoulder….only to wipe their eyes and continue the same bull💩.

Take ya’ll negative Nancy, Debbie downer, pity party Patty, Woe is me Wendy, insecure Iesha, angry Anne, always on some bullshhh Becky, ole miserable Myra head ahh on and be mad by ya damn self….

I’m so sick of miserable people. I dun lived on the street with not a damn thang to my name and STILL found a way to be happy (in that destitute moment). And most of y’all mad about stupid temporary shhh that doesn’t really have to disrupt your day …you just let it because you don’t check your emotions…you let them check you. And some of you just enjoy being mad and keeping up drama. A bunch of damn toddlers y’all are. And not the cute kind…the snot nose, dirty saggy pamper, silver capped, cannot say they ABCs or count at age 6 but they still cursing you out in they “skroller” and know every trap song there is type.

But I could be in my feelings cause I’m in the middle of some potentially life altering 💩 and it just makes me less tolerant of negativity, especially if it’s created within and spread around to the masses… keep ya f’n attitudes and anger to yourself. Learn how to cope and grow tf up or….or….don’t say a damn thing when your angry overly opinionated ahh finds yourself ISOLATED AND ALONE.

I feel how I feel. I ain’t debating it.

Cleary I’m on one today. #InAMood

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