Moments of Mania w/ #TristaDaniell

People often think of #bipolardisorder in terms of severe mood swings at any given moment 🙄 (a false and unfair stereotype that does NOT cover all individuals living with the disorder, particularly those who are not in the midst of an episode and/or who have developed appropriate techniques to deal with triggers ) but….

Sometimes Bipolar Disorder looks like going in your kitchen to fix your child a snack, becoming enraged at the chaos within your kitchen cabinets, then taking three hours in the middle of your work day to clean out & reorganize your kitchen cabinets and scrub the walls…..

The mania is real y’all. 😜

If it weren’t for my client pinging me with an urgent request, I’d probably be scrubbing the floor and cleaning out the junk drawer too….but that’s another task for another manic day. 🤷🏾‍♀️ now to conquer the rest of this client work.

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