Kindness should be…earned?

I’ve always been a gentle person when it comes to dealing with other people. I know what it’s like to feel unwanted, tolerated, and shunned so I make it my duty to treat others as kind as I possibly can because I might be the only kindness they experience that day.

These days, people celebrate bad attitudes and asshole behavior as “funny” and “cool” but that’s only true on TV. In reality, those behaviors ripple and the energy is passed from person to person creating more negativity and diminishing light, peace….joy.

Why do you we need a reason to treat people with kindness? We expect kindness and respect from others as a courtesy, yet we demand others EARN the same courtesy and respect from us. What kind of EGO LED bullshit is that?

I’ve always heard folk say, “respect is earned, not given” I call bullshit. Respect should be given, PERIOD. Kindness should be offered, REGARDLESS. It is not your place to determine what someone else deserves….you should treat others with the same kindness and respect you desire to come back to you.

Negativity begats negativity. Be the positive spark that brings the Light. YOU ARE, I AM. YOU ARE, LOVE. YOU ARE, LIGHT.

SELAH (meditate/pause and think on this)
-Trista Daniell

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