See me, as



as men

told me to be…

mold me to be…

scold me to be



you say, to me.

How dare I,

be free?

For the Law of Love has set me…

but what of thee?

Condemned by the very Law

you use to disdain me.

How can that be?

See me, as


before the fall of Angels

and men

before the moment

we believed more in our sins

and in divine punishment and wrath

and a God who hates men,

than in the glorious redemption

of all God’s kin

of all God’s broken

of all who have sinned.

Without and within!

We struggle against

principalities and powers

we can’t even begin to comprehend

because our hearts have been blinded by

mortality. and like fools,

we indulge in our carnality

seeing ourselves not as we are

but as weakened

It’s such a fallacy.

I refuse to remain

A participant in this game

that suppresses the divine
within thee.



ME, as



so are thee….

I beg you….

Open your eyessssssss!!


-Trista Daniell

@Trista.Daniell (IG)

Do you know who you are – truly – are you nothing more than a carbon copy of who society forced you to be?

Most people have no idea who they are because we have allowed everyone around us to tell us who we should be. Except for very few cases, we all have a tendency to conform to allow others to influence how we see ourselves and who we become. This betrayal of our true selves causes all kinds of internal chaos and surfaces in ways that harm others and ourselves.

From the moment we’re born, people cast their spells over us, reinforcing who they believe we should be and guiding us along that path. We are told how to act, what to think, what is “right” and what is “wrong”, who to worship, what to believe and how to believe it. Self expression, self exploration, self realization are rarely encouraged. Most of us don’t question this – this is the saddest part – still, we suffer for it.

When we don’t know ourselves, we try on identities like clothes. We wear one identity for a while and if it doesn’t work out, we return it for a new one. This is why some of us “reinvent” ourselves every new year or birthday or breakup or…. month. Truth is, it’s not a reinvention, it is a long, exhausting, desperate search for an identity we feel “at home” in – or at least one we can tolerate.

In the meantime, we seek validation and approval and reassurance from people who can never confirm our identities. Especially when most of them have yet to confirm their own.

What we seek is a reconnection with our Divine selves. Our true nature. Our powerful selves who don’t recognize our abilities to heal, comfort, create, validate, and empower through our Love and the power of the divinity that runs through our souls.

Right now, we are deceived by our mortality and we do not believe in our own abilities to heal this world or ourselves. We claim belief in sacred texts that tell us we can do “greater things” than Christ as did the Apostles but if you stand up in a church an attempt to demonstrate that level of belief – how many would stand with you? How many would question your sanity? But we say we believe. Ha! The demons have more faith…I said it because it’s true.

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