…and you’ll know your wounds are healed
when you can look back
on your wounded self and feel:
not anger,
not sadness,
not pity or pain;
not regret
not bitterness
not guilt or shame;
not brokeness,
not hopelessness
or any such things…

…and you’ll KNOW your wounds are healed
when you can look back
on your wounded self
and feel nothing, except

-Trista Daniell
@Trista.Daniell (IG)

Wounds are painful. Sometimes the healing hurts even more. But what is worse – to be wounded and healed or to be wounded and allow it to fester, causing more pain/damage than before? I think the latter.

I’ve yet to meet a human who chooses to remain wounded in their physical body, but I have met a man who holds on to the wounds of his soul with desperation …as if those wounds were life giving spirit…air to a suffocating soul. That man was me. Is me. Depends on the day. But I am determined, committed, destined to put to death the ego who dwells in misery as if I alone have been burdened with pain…saddness… anguish…loss…miscarriages of justice…and the likes…I have not been singled out for suffering. Suffering is part of the human experience.

My pain is valid, but my pain is not me.
My trauma is true, but my trauma is not (any longer) my testimony.

I used to fear facing the trauma, but now
I fear more
Living in the pain.

Because wounds that don’t heal,
And wounds that fester
Turn into disease
And disease unchecked
Brings death.

Love Heals!
Heal-thy self!
Starting with you.
-Trista Daniell

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