To those (men and women) who are more appalled by how long it takes some women to speak out when raped than you are at men who ACTUALLY RAPE (or the fact that it happens so often and for so long).

He shouldn’t have run.

She shouldn’t have gone.

He shouldn’t have worn a hoodie.

She shouldn’t dress like that.

Look at his record, he was clearly a thug…

Look at her past, she was clearly a whore….

He had drugs in his system…

She was drunk and high…



He’s just trying to ruin a good [white] man’s name!

She’s just trying to ruin a good [black] man’s name!

That nigger is lying! He got what he deserved!


That bitch is lying! She got what she wanted!


White people are abused by police too!

Men are raped too!

He resisted arrest!

She insisted on sex!

Slavery happened, it’s done. Get over it.

She was raped 20 years ago, it’s done. Get over it.

Black people are too sensitive about these issues.

Women are too sensitive about these issues.

People are killed everyday, get over it.

Women are raped everyday, get over it.

Why did he run if he wasn’t guilty? He did something.

Why did she go over there if she didn’t want to have sex? She wanted it.


The greatest failure of man is to become that which he claims to abhor…

Your excuses for men who rape are as valid as the excuses for people who hate. If you’re more concerned with why women wait so long to speak out vs why SO MANY WOMEN HAVE THESE EXPERIENCES then your focus is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy off!

What would the world be if instead of checking, blaming accusing, and condemning women for not doing enough to protect ourselves from or prevent rape (or for not speaking out as soon as it happens and providing a full video account, three witnesses, skin from the rapist, surveillance footage, all transcripts of any phone or text messages between you and the rapist, character witnesses, your complete sexual history, and half your soul to PROVE said rape happened) WHY ARE YOU MEN NOT TALKING TO OTHER MEN ABOUT WHY SO MANY WOMEN HAVE THESE HORRENDOUS ASS STORIES!?!?!

Because if it was your daughter……🙄

STOP FOCUSING YOUR EFFORTS ON WOMEN AND FOCUS YOUR EFFORTS TO EDUCATE MEN TO NOT BE SEXUAL PREDATORS! Sexual assault was so common growing up I remember sitting around a table of girls in elementary and us talking about our abuse like it was a natural f’n thing and none of us flinched… I weep for the little girls we left behind….(and the little boys who endure too).

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