Breaking point…(suicidal thoughts)

You can choose to let “it” break you or you can refuse to be broken. Easier said than done, I know, but the truth is what it is. Strength is a choice. Endurance is…a choice. Your survival? A choice.

Most of us suffer more than we should because we choose pain over healing. Healing is a process, one that can be painful – especially if you’re unwilling. Sometimes healing requires us to pull the blood soaked bandage off the festering, infected wounds of our hearts/minds/spirits in order to effectively identify the root of the issue and apply proper treatment to see ourselves healed.

Except, we don’t always want to do that. This is why some of us are stuck nursing the same old wounds for years, decades, and sometimes, generations.

Too often, we treat the wounds with shallow tools – drugs, sex, attention, spending money, jobs, success, religious fanaticism, etc. This is equivalent to throwing a prescription drug at an ailment which masks the symptoms (for a while), but [ultimately] does nothing to heal the root cause of the pain (and end the ailment). This type of treatment is detrimental because it leaves the recipient in a greater state of pain. It reopens old and welcomes new wounds; and, if the cycle is repeated too many times, it leads to death (accidental via overdose, suicide, or death from physical/mental diseases due to excessive stress caused by trauma/suffering/pain).

In our desperation to avoid the things we find most traumatic/uncomfortable/challenging we cause ourselves additional (unnecessary) pain.

Part of our power comes from that pain.

Part of our purpose dwells in that darkness.

Part of our peace depends on our willingness to face our traumas, endure the pain, and overcome to choose life! Each day. Every day.

[NOTE: to face = to feel, acknowledge, accept, understand – without passing judgment, without reacting, without making excuses, total honesty with self, this may require professional help.]

Listen, everyday you open your eyes, that’s a message that LIFE chose YOU…and you have a responsibility to honor this! You may not know why, you may not know how, you may feel unqualified, uneducated, unsophisticated, unloved and/or unseen or heard, but understand YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT YOU FEEL, WHAT YOU KNOW, AND WHAT YOU THINK.

Start, today, by doing one small thing for yourself – no two:

1. Make the choice that YOU are worth fighting for (because dammit, YOU ARE!)

2. FIND RESOURCES TO HELP YOU COPE (support groups,therapy, counseling, spend time in nature, keep a self reflection journal, share your struggles and strides with a confidant you can trust, get out and start doing things you enjoy, cleanse your personal space, ask for help).

Listen, we all out here hurting and we’re all trying to hide it. Stop hiding in lies and start healing in truth.

Remember this: If you can think yourself to hell, you can think yourself to healing/wholeness.


-Trista Daniell

Trista.Daniell (IG)

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