Still LIGHT!

It’s amazing how we live in a world that’s so connected, yet people are lonelier than ever. Depression and suicide rates are excessive. Yet, a scroll through social media and you’ll swear most people are “happy”… Understand, most of us (the bulk of us) are not (truly) happy. We are imitating what we believe happy to be (or what we are told happiness is). It’s what we do. We imitate, hoping to emulate the thing we pretend to be. And it makes us miserable.

We must realize we’re all broken vessels of light stumbling around in the darkness hoping someone will have mercy long enough to help us mend our broken vessels and shine again. But we can’t mend until we are willing to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves about ourselves- good, bad, and ugly – and we learn to operate from a place of LOVE….for others…for God…especially for ourselves.
Understand: the brilliance and the beauty and the power of the LIGHT can only be see when we choose to shine together. How do we shine?
It begins with Love. Humble love, mixed with compassion, for all….and the best way to develop that kind of love is to recognize, ALL that you see (I AM) is YOU, and become ONE with I AM THAT I AM.

Why Oneness?
You can’t compete when you are One.
You can’t envy when you are One.
You can’t hate when you are One.
You can’t betray when you are One.
You can’t harm when you are One.
You can’t…. In Love, we find Oneness with The One, which means we become one with ALL.

And when you are ONE. You are WHOLE. When you are WHOLE, you are in PEACE. And there is no darkness in peace.

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