Whores & Wives XXIII

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She eyed me seductively, tracing her tongue across her top lip as if sizing me up for a meal.

“DEEP…tissue…massage.” I allowed my lips to brush against her earlobe as I whispered my demands. She smiled and cupped my ass, planting a kiss filled with tongue and unregulated lust.
“mmmm….” I moaned as she kissed down my neck and into my shirt.
“…. let me undress you…”
“Ahhh…. Pia…. you know the drill.”
“Shower…or bath?”
“Let’s make it quick…. shower.”
She nodded and strutted off towards the master bath to run a shower. I followed, but stayed in the bedroom where I coordinated the playlist.
“Babe, I told you… relax. I got this. Go ahead and jump in the shower.”
“Are you going to join me?”
“Na, I showered before you got here.”
“Your loss…” I teased.
I showered quickly and lathered baby oil gel on every inch of my damp skin before stepping out the shower. Pia thoughtfully left a path of rose petals from shower to the bed where she waited for me with a plush towel, hot stones, and massage oils. The room was dark, except for the gentle flicker of the candles lined along the walls; she smiled as I entered.
“Come here.” She eyed me with a lascivious grin.
I allowed my towel to drop and took the few steps to join her on the bed.
“Lay on your stomach.” She slipped out of a sleek black robe, revealing her naked athletic frame and picked up the remote to the stereo across the room. She pressed a button and adjusted the volume. Tank’s “Savage” album set the mood.
I complied with her request and eased into the bed, closing my eyes anticipation of her touch. Soft moans escaped my lips as she used her thumbs to knead the tension from my soul. She pressed deeper; the knots in my back resisted causing the friction of pleasure intermingled with pain. Soft moans turned into loud groans. I pulsed with glee under the bliss of gifted hands.
“You’re tight.” She whispered with a playful bite to my ear. “Probably everywhere…” She slipped her hands between my legs.
“oohhhh” My response was quick, “…yes…especially there.”
“…here…?” She slid a hand further up my thigh and tickled…I quivered and bit my lip.
“mmm…a little higher…” I parted my legs, just an inch, offering easier access. She acknowledged the move and took the opportunity to slip her thick fingers inside.
“You said…deep…tissue…yes?”
“Yes….” I moaned, eyes still closed, hands clinching the sheets. She pressed her palm in the arch of my back and moved the other slowly between my hips. “Yes…” I buried my face into the pillow and thrust my hips back onto her hand.
This is why I was here. This is what I came for.
For some, sex is the last thing they want to do when the world is caving in on them; but for me, sex is always an option. Especially during a time of deep stress. I’d prefer a long round of sex over drugs, alcohol, fame — even money. My therapist called it an addiction, but I didn’t see it that way. It’s not like I was regularly having sex with random people to fulfill some void, I just really enjoyed sex – with women — especially when I was down.
I didn’t mourn the way “normal” people did. I wasn’t going to cry my heart out to family and friends, and I certainly wasn’t going to cry on Derrick Michael’s shoulder. The only thing I needed when I was upset, angry, sad, or depressed was s-e-x. It ALWAYS made me feel better…tonight was no different.
When we…. FUCK! When we…. FUCK! I can be aggressive…I can be a savage…I just need your blessing…say that I can have it. When we…. FUCK! When we…. FUCK! Tank serenaded as Pia flipped me over and lavished my lips with a passionate kiss.
I allowed my body to become her playground and welcomed her with open arms and thighs. In return, she mesmerized me with soft kisses, tickles, licks, and thrusts; I convulsed with pleasure each time she twirled her tongue over my excited clit. I loved the way she dined on me. She moaned and savored as if I were the only woman who mattered.
“Dear….Gawd….oh…fuck!! PIAAA…PIAAA…YESSS!!!” I praised the circular technique she made with her tongue. Sopia knew exactly how to please me. She knew my body better than anyone I’d ever been with – including Carmen and Derrick Michael. She made me feel things I hadn’t felt since the first time I’d touched a woman; but it wasn’t just sex. It was much deeper. She gave pleasure to my body, but made love to my soul.
Pia was romantic, sensual, and sexually confident. She’s the type of woman to write love poems and letters just because; the kind who’d whisper her devotion in your ear as she penetrates you from behind. The orgasms we have together can’t be described…the only thing that comes close is… nirvana.
“May I?” She asked, referring to penetration with a strap-on dildo. I wasn’t much into strap-ons, I didn’t see the point because I never orgasmed from penetration. Carmen tried a few times, but she complained she didn’t get anything out of it unless we used the double-sided kind – which I hated. When I explained this to Pia, she laughed and politely explained, “I’m not Carmen…just trust me”. I’m so glad I did… I came more that night than I ever had in my thirty something years of life.
“Please…do…” She smiled and brushed her fingers through my curls, planting a kiss on my forehead.
“You’re beautiful. You know that?” She got up and headed towards the closet to grab her “pleasure box” then went into the bathroom.
I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the clip we were smoking earlier, along with a lighter, then flipped on my back and lit it up. I touched myself with one hand, reveling in my own juices, and held the roach in the other, blowing smoke into the air while I bated myself into a light orgasm.
“Mmmmm” I folded my bottom lip into my mouth and bit down. I took two more puffs before reaching over to drop the still burning herb into the ashtray.
“Oh yea…stay just like that…” Pia returned, strapped up. I smiled and made a come-here motion with my tongue, then wrapped my legs around her as she climbed on top of my quivering body. We tongue kissed as she eased nine-inches inside of me. I held my breath, exhaling into her once she’d filled my walls.
“Amya….” She whispered in my ear.
“Yes, Pia…”
“Do you love me…?” she thrust deeper inside. I moaned loudly and threw my hand back towards the wall.
“Yes….I..I do..”
“Tell me you love me…”
“I love you, Pia….” My response filled her with fire, she closed her eyes and a look of bliss filled her face.
“Say it again….” She opened her eyes and stared into my own. I stared back, but I didn’t want too. Pia would look right through me, into the hidden parts of my soul. If I looked away, she’d stop until I returned my gaze.
“I…I….I luh…mmmm…I luh….shit!” I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight as she slid deeper into my being. Pia smirked, I knew that look. She had me right where she wanted. She sat up on her knees and placed a hand on my pelvis, then rolled her body slowly in…and out…in and out…watching me twitch and tremble in agreement.
We went on like this for hours. Indulging one another’s flesh as if it were the first and last time we’d have the chance – and for all I knew, it could be. Had I known the last time Carmen and I had sex was the last time I would’ve taken my time and savored the moment…savored her…hell, had I known then what I know now, I would’ve truly made love.
But I wasn’t here to think about that.
“Where are you…” Pia slowed her grind and gazed at me with sincere eyes, “…you’re not with me, baby.”
I unsuccessfully attempted to blink away the tears.
“I’m sorry…I’m fine. I just had a moment.”
“You’re not fine, Am. You don’t have to be “on” here…you know that.”
“I know.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
“We can just sit…and talk, you know…it’s not like we have to have sex the entire time you’re here…every time.”
Here we go again. Why was everyone trying to make me talk about my damn feelings? What in hell is the point of paying a therapist when everyone around me wants to be one for free? I rolled my eyes in my head and smirked with my mouth.
“Get up, Pia.”
She did as I asked and settled with her back against the headboard. The lambskin strap half-dangled awkwardly over her thigh. I climbed atop her lap and closed my eyes, burying my pelvis into hers. I refused her surely annoyed gaze and focused on grounding out all the pain… rage…and utter disgust I felt inside. Pia yelped as I dug my nails into her skin and howled in pleasure…and partly, in pain. My breast bounced against my chest and into her face while I rolled my hips into hers, holding onto the headboard behind the bed. I kept going.
“I appreciate your concern…” I reassured, in between breaths. “…but I don’t pay you to be concerned. I pay you…to fuck; and that’s ALL I need you to do.”

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