Storytime with #TristaDaniell



….so sis got mad cause I gave a few of my male friends her number.

….one of them called her up and asked her “what dat mouf doooooo?” 😁

….she said he was being disrespectful.

….and I was wrong for allowing it.

….now she not talking to me.🙄

….talkin’ bout’ “Sisters don’t degrade other sisters behind their backs. I cant believe you’d call me that!”🗣🗣🗣

….I’m completely confused.🤔

….all I did was try to help….😕

…like, she posted five different statuses saying she was “hoeing all 2018”

….soooo, I send her clientele to support her small biz!

….now I’m the bad guy? 🤨😑

….HOW SIS🤷🏾‍♀️

This the last time I try to support sis dreams….😑

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